Our Victory Will Be Strategic, Won or Lost on an International Stage

President Donald J. Trump and President Emmanuel Macron | July 13, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


The following remarks were delivered by Helga Zepp-LaRouche during a meeting with associates on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

“At the beginning of this year, we said Trump can become one of the greatest Presidents of all of U.S. history, if he manages to get the United States to cooperate with the New Silk Road; I think we have made quite a significant advance on that. I would not underestimate the influence of our mobilization on that point. Because the Mar-a-Lago meeting, the fact that Trump sent a high-level delegation to the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, the fact that Trump is now saying that he knows Xi Jinping quite well; that they have established a very good relationship. They met already I think three times, maybe two times, I don’t know; in any case it’s a very good solid thing.

“The fact that the Trump-Putin meeting in Hamburg went excellently, given the fact that you have a half-year attempt of a coup attempt by the British Empire in the United States; I think both Presidents maneuvered very wisely and very well. The fact that Putin afterwards said Trump is very different than the media portray him, and this can increase into a very good relationship. This is excellent! Just imagine if there would have been Hillary Clinton in the White House; you would have World War III already. So Trump on that level is doing very well, and don’t for one second listen to what the liberals in the United States are saying; this is completely irrelevant, because what counts is the strategic situation. Will we have World War III or not? So, whatever happens within the United States is relatively secondary to the strategic situation; and there Trump has done excellently.

“For example, there is a very delightful picture, which [a close collaborator] was so kind to just send me, with Macron, Trump, and Merkel. It has Trump speaking, looking in the direction of Macron; Macron looking at Trump; and Merkel being in between them, looking down, very unhappy. I think this captures the situation, because the fact that Trump was invited to be the guest of honor in France. He was invited to be in the Bastille Day national holiday; Macron took him to a very fancy restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower. And then afterwards, Macron said that the relations of France are equally close to the United States and Russia. I think this is really important; because if you look at the rest of Europe, the East European, the Central European attitude towards the Silk Road; Italy, Spain, Portugal, in the direction of China. Macron having sent Raffarin to the Belt and Road Forum, and now Macron inviting Trump in this way, clearly means that the war coalition of Theresa May and Merkel meeting with Obama shortly after the election of Trump — that is not working.

“So, the overall direction is going in the right way. I think this is very positive. We have to tell these Trump supporters who say we shouldn’t bring in these global issues that they really don’t get it. The best thing Trump has going for them is those global issues. If he gets support from Macron, and if he is doing well with Xi Jinping and Putin, I think these Trump people must understand this is not a fight inside the United States. This is exactly as Lyn has been saying; this is strategic, this is international, and this battle will be won or lost on an international scale. So, don’t think small, don’t think local; this is not how history works at this point.

“Having said that, one has to also note very clearly that the big Achilles’ heel is the economic financial policy of Trump. Seven months into his Presidency, he has not yet done anything which would really carry the message that he means it in terms of his election promises — Glass-Steagall, the American System, Alexander Hamilton, Lincoln, $1 trillion investment in infrastructure. That’s probably still what he intends to do, but it still hasn’t happened yet. He only has appointed about one-third of the people who should fill posts in various departments like the State Department and other departments. And he still has people like Mnuchin there, and it’s clearly the weak flank.

“We are under the Damocles Sword of a collapse worse than 2008. There are many voices apart from our own warning that all the tools of the central banks have been used up; quantitative easing has just led to an increase of the profits of the speculators at the expense of the common people. The gap between rich and poor has been widening; the corporate debt, the state debt, all of these factors are much worse than 2008. If this thing would collapse, you would have chaos instantly. We are not away from the danger of the threat to the existence of civilization. The NATO maneuvers are still taking place, and that is still a source of danger. But right now, the biggest danger is the collapse of the system leading to instant chaos.

“If you want to have a foretaste of what that looks like, look at these over-filled [subway] cars in Manhattan with 90 degrees Fahrenheit, people freaking out. You could have a collapse of infrastructure in no time, as you could have a collapse of the financial system. So, don’t think we are out of the danger zone! If you think that, you are not in the real universe.”

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