This Promethean Moment

Presidents Putin and Trump. July 6, 2017 (


The Trump-Putin summit is being followed up with further ceasefires in Syria, leading, as President Trump has said, to a ceasefire across the whole country—so that soon, the only gunfire in Syria will be that directed against the terrorists, until they are defeated. At the same time, the State Department and the Russian Foreign Ministry have set in motion two long-term strategic dialogues. Further, the exchange of new Ambassadors between Washington and Moscow is being expedited, as the two Presidents agreed on July 7.

But at the same time, an unchecked, out-of-control world financial-economic crisis is barreling forward towards chaos and disaster. Italy is facing bankruptcy-deadlines, with electoral deadlines, which may unravel the whole euro system, and with it the world system. Transit breakdowns are intensifying and spreading in New York City, which, if not confronted by an overall upgrade plan, will come to a head by Labor Day, when passenger traffic normally rises significantly. And, as Diane Sare pointed out during the Monday, July 17 LaRouchePAC Policy Committee webcast, an infrastructural disaster in New York City is a national and international disaster, not a local matter.

President Trump is under heavy fire by “Russiagate” lies, but he is fighting back with spirit.

Freelance columnist Finian Cunningham wrote two days ago in RT, “Evidently, Trump is paralyzed by the toxic atmosphere of Russophobia in Washington.” But, although it’s under attack, the Trump Administration is clearly not “paralyzed.” It’s the Democrats who have been paralyzed by Russiagate. Most Democrats are not being permitted to do anything on behalf of the life-and-death interests of their constituents; all they’re allowed to do is run around yelling nonsense about Russia!

But in sum, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has pointed out, the most urgent part of the President’s agenda—that of the friendly relations with Russia and China required to prevent atomic war, and facilitate Silk Road cooperation—is moving decisively forward. But the other part of the agenda: Glass-Steagall, large-scale infrastructural development, and the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche—that vital part of the agenda is stalled. Hence the continued, indeed quickened, rush off the cliff of financial and economic collapse.

For this reason, the heart-wrenching “deaths of despair” of our fellow Americans, which were triggered into an avalanche by the policies of the George W. Bush and Obama Administrations, are apparently continuing still to mount today. With over 90 deaths per day by drug overdoses alone, these drug overdoses have now incredibly become the leading cause of death among Americans under 50. Deaths due to alcoholism may exceed these numbers—while cases of outright suicide are not far behind. What unbelievable carnage in peacetime!

So what do we say?

We say that the question is not about what the President has done. The question is what YOU have done—in the spirit of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s conference-call to organizers around the country of last Sunday, July 16. Remember what Lyndon LaRouche did with the Reagan Administration in the last century. What have you done, to create an unstoppable movement of people who understand Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws and their deadly urgency, and are fighting to enact them now?

Helga says that we must formulate a call to arms for the battle against Wall Street, which is trying to prevent Glass-Steagall and the Four Laws. We face the same thing in Europe, where the British empire and its allies are trying to stop the Eurasian Landbridge and the New Paradigm; they are trying to cool it down by all means.

We must call on the population to step forward—President Trump can’t do it alone. He is fighting enormous odds—and the whole purpose of “Russiagate” is to keep him from fulfilling his campaign promises.

We must fight for the $4.5 trillion of infrastructure needs outlined by the American Society of Civil Engineers, or better for the $8 trillion estimated by the China Investment Corporation. If chaos and panic break out in New York after Labor Day or earlier, out-of-control chaos could produce an irretrievable catastrophe, even a national catastrophe or worse.

“Wall Street IS the problem.” Lyndon LaRouche said at this point in the discussion. Later, he added, “This is a key issue which must be pushed to the top, to be followed through, to prevent this danger to the economy as a whole.”

Helga continued, “We must have a national and international emergency mobilization. Once you have a chaotic collapse, everything goes. We’re sitting on the edge of it now. Those who are not going for Glass-Steagall are criminals.”

Lyndon LaRouche added, “We have to force it through in great measure, and get it done. It’s the only way to get real action.”

He concluded the discussion, “I think we can probably get something going. It certainly is necessary to think of doing that, and to act on it.”

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