Russia-Gate Exposed as Total Fraud — An Offensive for U.S.-Russia-China ‘New Paradigm’ Is Urgent

President Trump speaks at Scout Jamboree in West Virginia | July 24, 2017. (Whitehouse Photo)



The VIPS report covered yesterday on our website indicates that the DNC computers were not hacked, but that the WikiLeaks release was leaked by someone with access to the DNC servers. The same servers were accessed in July to discredit the WikiLeaks information, by altering the metadata to reflect Russian hacking. Helga Zepp-LaRouche mandated that our report from yesterday, and the video below, must be circulated internationally, in every language possible. “Go like Hell” were her instructions.

This report blows the “fake news” of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election to smithereens, along with the contrived Russophobia which has dominated the U.S. media and most of the U.S. Congress for the past year. It also implicates the CIA and the FBI in the dirty operation, since it was revealed recently that the CIA has developed programs to create a false trail to the source of hacks actually carried out by themselves — precisely as took place in this case. Obama’s henchmen, former DNI James Clapper and CIA chief John Brennan, both of whom are still in the forefront of the attempted coup against President Trump, must be immediately investigated, both by a newly appointed Special Counsel and by the U.S. Congress.

Lyndon LaRouche today pointed out that this treasonous operation was aimed not only at destroying President Trump’s effort to end the imperial division of the United States from Russia and China, but also to destroy the entire U.S. economy. Trump has campaigned for a restoration of Glass-Steagall, large-scale infrastructure development and a return to the American System of Alexander Hamilton. But he has been boxed into spending his time defending against the lying and scurrilous charges of “collusion” with Russia. This he has done admirably, working with Russia to defeat ISIS, while also working with China on the New Silk Road — but at the expense of the urgent emergency measures required to restore the U.S. economy and prepare for the onrushing collapse of the financial bubble created under Obama.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov identified this aspect of the Obama-created crisis. Speaking to a Kurdish newspaper today, Lavrov said that both the U.S. and Russia “inherited a bulk of problems” from the Obama Administration, which “chose to do nasty things to undermine U.S.-Russia relations,” generating the anti-Russia “mass hysteria.”

Trump is showing personal strength in confronting the crimes of these corrupted intelligence networks. Today he described the CIA program under Obama which armed and trained terrorists in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime — a program which Trump shut down earlier this week — as a “massive, dangerous and wasteful” operation against a sovereign state. Former Ambassador Chas Freeman praised Trump for this move, saying that the illegal CIA program contributed to “the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians and the displacement of many millions more.”

This is a moment of great opportunity. Ending the “regime change” treason against President Trump is both possible and urgent, in order to get down to the business of rebuilding the decayed U.S. economy, and joining with China and Russia in the New Silk Road, to build up the entire world, as promoted by the LaRouche movement for the past half century.

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