Every Tree in the Forest Will Fall

Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey (left), alongside President Barack Obama (center) and outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller (right) at Comey’s nomination to become the Seventh Director of the FBI. 2013 (FBI Photo)


We are at a point where we can sink the entire Trump- Russiagate fraud on both sides of the Atlantic, and shift the strategic dynamic from the defensive to the offensive, Helga Zepp-LaRouche asserted today. That offensive means burying Wall Street and the City of London’s murderous speculative system, and bringing the United States and Europe into full cooperation with the China-Russia Belt and Road Initiative.

The explosive revelations which can be used to sink the Russia-gate farce, have been provided in the open memo sent to President Trump by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which reports on professional forensics performed on the so-called “Russian hacking” of DNC computers during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Those forensics demonstrate that the operation was not a “hacking” job, but an insider “leak”— i.e, that it could not possibly have been carried out by Russia.

As word begins to get out on that VIPS memo—led by LaRouche movement organizers and publications around the world, and in such places as the Russian wire service RT and in Zero Hedge—Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst and VIPS leader, has escalated the affair, by pointing the finger directly at former FBI director James Comey, among others. In a video interview with RT, published on their website yesterday, McGovern was asked why he thought the FBI had failed to examine the DNC computers or do any forensics.

“The answer to that is something that Congress and the President should pursue. It is laughable that James Comey, former director of the FBI, would say, `Oooh, the Democratic National Committee didn’t let us check out their computers.’ We’re talking about an act of war? Right? … That is malfeasance!… Was he in on this little operation, that was enabled by the CIA capability to `obfuscate?’ I don’t know the answer to that, but President Trump should be able to find the answer out to that.”

The quote from above starts at around 5:36.

President Trump must do precisely that. He must determine who is responsible; bring them to justice; and make sure that “every tree in the forest will fall,” and dismantle the British Empire’s entire stable of assets inside the U.S. intelligence community—and those ensconced inside his own cabinet, who are counseling him to not fulfill his campaign promise of reinstating Glass-Steagall, and to not fully join in with the Belt and Road Initiative.

The British gambit is to make sure that, when the trans- Atlantic system disintegrates—which could be at any moment— there are no stable, functional governments that are open to adopting the necessary policies, especially if pressured sufficiently by their constituencies to do so. That is why the British are destabilizing numerous governments across Europe, and why they are trying to carry out a coup d’etat against the Trump administration in the United States. And that is also why we must ensure that they fail.

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