War Fever Mounts — ‘Russia Is First, China Is Next’

President Donald J. Trump, Senator Tom Cotton, and Senator David Perdue | August 2, 2017 (Whitehouse Photo)



John Pilger, a fierce critic of the Anglo-American war party, issued a stern warning Saturday of an onrushing nuclear war. “A coup against the man in the White House is under way,” he wrote on Truthdig. “This is not because he is an odious human being, but because he has consistently made clear he does not want war with Russia…. They have encircled Russia and China with missiles and a nuclear arsenal. They have used neo-Nazis to install an unstable, aggressive regime on Russia’s borderland — the way through which Hitler invaded, causing the deaths of 27 million people…. Russia is first, China is next.”

This follows the similar stern warning from Oliver Stone on Friday, who pointed to the insanity demonstrated by the nearly unanimous Congressional vote imposing sanctions on Russia (which Trump has declared to be unconstitutional, adding that he would not implement such unconstitutional laws). Stone concluded: “I now fully realize how World War I started.”

Both these men are sounding a necessary alarm, but missing the necessary solution, as enunciated by Lyndon LaRouche on July 31: “The American people must demand that the ongoing treasonous British coup against the U.S. Presidency and the nation itself must be stopped and its perpetrators prosecuted and imprisoned. The British system must be cancelled, and the President must make every effort to save the people of this country and the rest of humanity from further British-directed deprivations against their lives. Cancel the British; save the people.”

The British-instigated Cold War, set in motion immediately after the death of their American nemesis Franklin Roosevelt, is now back in place, but in a world in which any war will be thermonuclear in nature, and result in the end of civilization as we know it, or perhaps human extinction. Roosevelt, in addition to telling Winston Churchill to his face that the U.S. would not fight the war to save the British Empire, also formed a partnership with Russia and China—precisely those nations which he knew were necessary and sufficient to defeat the British Empire and the Nazi scourge it had produced. His untimely death, and the subsequent Presidency of British puppet Harry Truman, precipitated America’s slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents by nuclear incineration, (exactly 72 years ago yesterday in Hiroshima), while also helping the colonialist powers back into their former colonies, forcing generations of anti-colonial wars and more hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

What we face today is far worse.

And yet, the solutions are not only known—they have been promoted by LaRouche for these past 50 years—, but they are now also in hand, being implemented under the leadership of China and Russia across Eurasia, Africa and Ibero-America, in the form of the Belt and Road Initiative — the New Silk Road initiated by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a means for peace through development and the end of warfare as a means of imperial power.

Trump is standing his ground. He correctly blamed the corrupt Congress for the deteriorating relations between the world’s two leading nuclear powers, and announced that he is sending an envoy to meet with the Russians regarding the festering crisis in Ukraine. Secretary Rex Tillerson met today for over an hour with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the ASEAN meeting in Manila, while the progress in Syria is demonstrating to the world how terrorism can be defeated through close U.S.-Russian cooperation.

Meanwhile, China is demonstrating how development can transform the areas of the world looted and otherwise ignored by the Western powers for hundreds of years. Just over the weekend they have contracted to build a huge hydropower plant in Angola as part of their transformation of African infrastructure, and announced a multibillion-dollar investment into Haiti, including power, rail, housing, markets and more, creating 20,000 jobs by the end of this year. How pathetic this makes Obama’s expressions of sympathy for the victims of the earthquake which destroyed that nation in 2010, while barely lifting a finger to rebuild anything, let alone transform it into a modern nation!

The ten Southeast Asian nations and China today agreed on a framework for a Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, marking another step towards peace and cooperation in that region of the world, now that Obama’s meddling in the Philippines has been ended with the election of Rodrigo Duterte, who is hosting the ASEAN meetings in Manila. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi praised the progress in the region, which will continue to move forward, he said, towards a “comprehensive strategic partnership,” as long as “there is no major disruption from outside parties,” making the obvious reference to the Obama years.

While the danger of war has reached a critical point, such danger also holds tremendous potential for the “new paradigm” to sweep across Europe and the U.S. The Europeans are furious at the secondary sanctions against their economies under the Russia sanction bill, and many leading voices are now calling for a restoration of relations with Russia and a rejection of the dictates issued by the U.S. Congress. In the U.S., while Trump and Tillerson stand up for sanity in regard to Russia and China, industrial and agricultural delegations from several states are visiting China, looking to Chinese trade and infrastructure investments to help lift the country out of its malaise.

As LaRouche has insisted, America must join the New Silk Road. Now is the time.

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