LaRouche: Take Up the “Historical Challenge”


Lyndon LaRouche, when briefed today on the latest dire economic headlines from Germany, responded that we are seeing an overall “collapse of the physical economy” in the Trans-Atlantic. He spoke of what that means in terms of the policy crisis, stressing that, even if some people have good intentions, and make specific proposals, nevertheless they are functioning in the same, failed system. LaRouche summarized: The U.S. economy is going down. France is in a condition where it’s not contributing anything. Germany is not much better. And it’s getting worse and worse. The whole paradigm must be changed, and fast.

When it was mentioned that we are lucky Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are not hotheads, LaRouche concurred, but stressed, that our problem is, “others don’t want to do their job.” This is our “historical challenge.”

Our immediate task, especially in the United States, is to mobilize the forces to defeat the ‘color-revolution’ coup operation deployed against President Donald Trump, the nation itself, and Russia as well. It is coming from London, Inc., with the goal of killing the potential for good U.S.-Russia and U.S.-China relations, and friendly East-West relations generally, for the benefit of development and peace for all concerned. If this evil crowd succeeds, it means, not just privation, but all-out war. They must be stopped.

We’re up against a “hate storm,” is how one leading German political figure puts it. FDP Chairman Christian Lindner, last week, simply called for a “constructive dialogue” with Russia, and, in particular, to put the hot issue of Crimea on hold (“in provisium“) during consultations. Then, Lindner said yesterday, he has been slammed with a “hate storm” of denunciations for his proposals, coming from the media and other quarters. An interview with Lindner in today’s Bildzeitung, the major German daily, is headlined, “Lindner’s Coziness Towards Putin.”

Likewise yesterday, Sec. of State Rex Tillerson came in for a public hate storm of denunciation for the imputed offense of not activating an anti-Russia propaganda unit in the State Department. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-New York) made public a letter he sent to Tillerson Friday, accusing the Sec. of State of not acting “to combat the propaganda campaigns of Russia and ISIS…It is unacceptable to members of Congress that information warfare from Russia and ISIS will go unanswered…” The Engel letter was sent to Tillerson Aug. 4, the day before Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met in the Philippines, and agreed to continue diplomatic talks, despite differences.

These two instances of hysteria, typical of now-daily occurrences, do not manifest the strength of the enemy, but their derangement. As LaRouchePAC reports from organizing around the United States show, wherever people can be provided the basis for knowing the truth, and what can be done, their humanity comes through. Later this week, LaRouchePAC will issue its new petition campaign on the need to act now.

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