The ‘Economic Solution’ Can Unite Americans: LaRouche’s ‘Four Laws’ and China’s New Silk Road

August 8, 2017. Whitehouse Photo



The President of the United States, yesterday a tool of Putin’s Russia, is today a racist and white supremacist supporter of neo-Nazis, not to mention mentally ill. This crazed propaganda flows in torrents: from the Obama/Podesta-run “Resist” which has taken over much of the Democratic Party; from the British and American intelligence agencies which have collaborated to eliminate President Trump since he first announced for President; and from all the Wall Street media operations. The President is being publicly threatened — by members of Congress! — if he dares to speak publicly in Phoenix Tuesday night, and his supporters there threatened if they dare come out to hear him.

The nation is being manipulated toward chaos and possibly its own destruction. The ferocity of the propaganda barrage originates in London’s and Wall Street’s fear of another impending financial collapse. They remain afraid that President Trump — never under their policy control — might go against Wall Street and cooperate with China’s global infrastructure initiative for a real “shovels in the ground” U.S. recovery.

Not like Barack Obama, who entered office armtwisting Members of Congress to vote for the massive Wall Street bailouts by TARP and the Federal Reserve, and who followed London’s lead in making the G7 into a vast bank bailout machine. His and “W” Bush’s wars, bailouts, mass unemployment and manufacturing collapses have led since to mass addiction, rising American death rates — a true national emergency.

Going against Wall Street and the City of London is exactly what President Trump must now do, and on an emergency basis.

He has just made one step: “Millions of jobs is the way to unite Americans,” he said on Aug. 18. Andrew Young — former UN Ambassador, veteran Civil Rights leader — said the same in an NBC interview Sunday. “Most of the issues that we’re dealing with now are related to poverty. But we still want to put everything in a racial context…. Our job was to lift everybody up together, so that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish together as fools.”

The measures to “lift everybody up” are there, in the “Four Economic Laws to save the nation” of Lyndon LaRouche, the pre-eminent economist of the “American System of economy” — which Trump has spoken about, but not grasped. Starting immediately by pushing a reinstatment of Glass-Steagall through Congress to break up Wall Street, and beginning to issue Federal credit through a Hamiltonian infrastructure bank, the United States can join with China’s “New Silk Road” infrastructure boom, to generate trillions in investments in renewing America’s economic infrastructure. As with China’s investments, science — space science and fusion power — must be the drivers.

LaRouche, who said the current phony racial warfare being thrown against Trump threatens chaos and national destruction, today emphasized, “The economic solution is what must be pushed forward.”

China Daily on Aug. 18 featured Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Lyndon LaRouche in a long profile, which described how the current global “Belt and Road Initiative” of China developed over decades. Now it is at full steam across Eurasia, Africa, and potentially even in the war-devastated Mideast. EIR has published The United States Joins the New Silk Road in pamphlet form. With LaRouche’s “Four Laws,” this is the economic solution.

Trump has spoken often of the “American System of Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln.” The first American organization dedicated to ending slavery and to equal opportunity without respect to race or ethnicity, was founded in 1788, and run until his death, by Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton also launched the economic development of the United States into the world’s greatest industrial nation, ultimately creating literally millions of jobs, of increasing productivity, by inventing national banking credit for infrastructure, and promotion of manufacturing. His two objectives were really one: Create a united nation by developing all its human capacities and creativity, and productively employing all who lived in it or came to it.

That must be revived now, by an emergency intervention into this political crisis with LaRouche’s proposed economic laws, and by a link-up with China’s New Silk Road.

Let Trump be forced out, and an immediate war confrontation with Russia and China will face us, fueled by the anti-Russia, anti-China hysteria which has overtaken Congress and the Democratic Party.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA

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