Trump Shows Leadership, Mobilizes Americans For Recovery and Infrastructure

President Donald J. Trump at the Austin Emergency Operations Center | August 29, 2017


On the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States, the US has been struck with devastation from two different hurricanes, with a third on the way. Unlike the response to 9/11 from George Bush’s, who immediately set up police-state institutions within the US and began the process of “permanent warfare” — mostly against nations which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 — Trump is responding to the current disasters with true leadership. On Sunday, after receiving a comprehensive briefing on the devastation across Florida from Hurricane Irma, Trump directed all federal agencies to give full backing to FEMA, and to “continue supporting state and local efforts to save lives, promote shelter efforts, and expedite requested assistance to affected areas.” The various military branches are mobilized to provide rescue and emergency food, water, and other necessities to the millions of displaced persons. He personally called the governors of the states in Irma’s path to assure them of full support from the federal government.

Trump also reached out to the Democratic Party leadership to pass a bipartisan bill to direct $15 billion in federal money to begin the recovery process in Texas, and will need much more to begin the recovery from Irma.

Of course, a few billion dollars will not even begin to repair the damage of the recent hurricanes, let alone begin the process of restoring the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, to prevent the next round of natural disasters from again catching the nation unprepared to defend itself. To achieve that requires the launching of Hamiltonian national credit mechanisms, to generate the several trillions of dollars required to make the United States a productive nation again, as outlined in LaRouche’s Four Laws. Trump is also leaning towards ending the so-called “debt limit” policy — which would be a step towards making possible a capital budget for building infrastructure through national credit, which by its nature generates its own repayment by lifting the productive platform of the nation as a whole.

Trump’s mobilization is creating the conditions for this far larger undertaking to be realized. The American population is disgusted with the Bush and Obama governments pumping trillions of dollars into bailing out the gambling debts of the Wall Street and City of London institutions, while waging perpetual warfare abroad and imposing austerity at home.

Look around the world. Just last week, the BRICS conference in Xiamen and the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok brought representatives of the majority of the world’s nations and peoples together, to expand the New Silk Road process led by China and Russia, building modern nations in the former colonized world, and opening up one of the world’s last “new frontiers” in the Russian Far East, through international cooperation. Today in Bangkok, political and business leaders from Thailand, Japan, China, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, and others met to push forward the building of a canal across the Kra Isthmus in southern Thailand, one of the Great Projects promoted by LaRouche for over thirty years, since he keynoted a similar conference in Bangkok in 1984.

The difference now is the existence of the Belt and Road Initiative — also first promoted by LaRouche, who coined the term “New Silk Road” after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a means of uniting the world through cooperative development. The Great Projects vision, blocked by the British geopolitical system which has dominated the US since the death of Franklin Roosevelt and Jack Kennedy, is now being implemented, at an amazing pace, under the new paradigm of the New Silk Road.

President Trump has made clear that the US should be part of this process, working with Russia and China to make America great again, just as China is making China great again through cooperative development, and Russia is making Russia great again in the same way. This is not a zero-sum, geopolitical contest, but a call for humanity to end its childish ways, and to create a cooperative world worthy of the dignity of Man.

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