Russia, China, the U.S. — Fighting to End the Unipolar World, and Establish the Harmony of Interests Among Sovereign Nation States

President Donald J. Trump at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly | September 18, 2017 (Whitehouse Photo)



The great American System economist to Abraham Lincoln, Henry C. Carey, authored a book in 1851 titled “The Harmony of Interests.” He posed that the interests of industry, agriculture, and commercial enterprises were interdependent, as were the government, the business community, and the working classes. Lyndon LaRouche has long advocated that the same concept were essential for world peace and development among nations. In his January 2010 essay, “The Question Before Us,” LaRouche called for the “four powers” (Russia, China, India, and the US) to initiate a “mission-oriented process of transformation of the world’s economic systems, away from the presently ruinous effects of submission to an implicitly financially imperialist, global monetarist system,” and to create the foundation for “mutually beneficial, global cooperation among peoples organized as a community of respectively sovereign nation-states.”

Tuesday, at the United Nations, President Trump echoed that sentiment: “If we are to embrace the opportunities of the future and overcome the present dangers together, there can be no substitute for strong, sovereign, and independent nations — nations that are rooted in their histories and invested in their destinies; nations that seek allies to befriend, not enemies to conquer; and most important of all, nations that are home to patriots, to men and women who are willing to sacrifice for their countries, their fellow citizens, and for all that is best in the human spirit.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for one, appreciated the speech. “I think it’s a very welcome statement, which we haven’t heard from an American leader for a very long time,” he said to AP and TASS, following a fruitful meeting with Secretary Rex Tillerson. He noted that the current sorry state of US-Russian relations is due to “the legacy of the Obama Administration.”

President Trump has rejected the “unipolar world” as promoted by the neoconservatives — both the Bush faction of Republicans and the Obama/Hillary faction of Democrats — who believe the US is the “only superpower” and must keep other nations weak (Russia and China, in particular) in order to maintain that dominating position. He has insisted on befriending Russia, and he has called for working with China on the New Silk Road. This is the root cause of the hysteria against him, centered in the United Kingdom and the corrupt elements of the intelligence communities of the Bush and Obama era, who are orchestrating a coup d’etat against the President of the nation.

That coup attempt began with an effort to stir up fear and anger against Russia in the US population, painting Trump as a Russian puppet. When that failed, they attempted to provoke race war in America, painting Trump as a white-supremicist. That, too, failed. All they have left is Robert Mueller, James Comey, and James Clapper, the Obama/Bush henchmen, all notorious liars, who have now been caught in yet another big lie in their frantic drive to bring down the US Government. As Trump charged in a March 4 Tweet: “Just found out that Obama had my `wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Comey and Clapper loudly denied any such wiretapping — but now it has been exposed that Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, who had a condo in Trump Tower, was wiretapped during the period of his role in the campaign.

The Wall Street Journal, which has experienced internal turmoil over how to cover Trump’s presidency, published a powerful editorial today (see below), directly exposing: Comey’s and Clapper’s lies; the role of British intelligence in instigating the Russiagate scam; and the obstruction of justice by the FBI and the Department of Justice in blocking the Congressional effort to investigate the entire mess.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche today said that the screaming and yelling about Trump’s UN speech, focused only on his tough talk on North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, is coming from those who are desperately trying to hang on to the old paradigm of the unipolar imperial world of Anglo-American domination. The political fight to establish a “community of sovereign nation states” has now been articulated by the President, while Vladimir Putin has consistently called for such a multi-polar world order, and Xi Jinping has consistently insisted that the New Silk Road is predicated precisely on such a community of sovereign nation states.

Bringing this new reality to the fore has never been so urgent, nor so feasible. The American people are grasping for the means to lift their spirits towards something better, in the tradition of the now-lost American System of Political Economy. The end of Empire is within our grasp, and a world based on the true dignity of Man through a community of sovereign nation states is the means to that end.

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