Catastrophe in Germany—No Longer Europe’s “Last Bastion of Stability”

Press statements and answers to media questions following meeting with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. May 2, 2017. Sochi, Russia. (


The Sunday national election in Germany has, as expected, left the nation in a state of chaos. Both of the traditional leading parties were crushed, while the third largest party is now the newly created Alternative for Germany (AfD), a right-wing party, without a program, which emerged through anti-refugee fear mongering. Chancellor Merkel’s CDU-CSU coalition took only 33% of the vote — the party’s worst total since 1949 — while the SPD, which has been in a coalition with Merkel since the 2013 election, received only 20.5% — their worst total since the time of Bismark!

Merkel must attempt to form a coalition government. The SPD had earlier asserted that it will not continue in the current coalition, and will probably stick to that position. The likely partners Merkel will approach are the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens — two parties with vastly different policies from Merkel and from each other. Even Merkel admits that she is not likely to form a government until the end of the year. A new snap election is a possibility, but is not likely to get a different result.

While the AfD is not a fascist party, it includes extreme right-wing elements and racists. It will now have 94 seats in the 709 member Bundestag.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who was the Chancellor candidate for the Büso Party, described the result as catastrophic, given that Germany was the last relatively stable government in Europe. She issued the following statement today (translated from the German), identifying the cause of the crisis and the necessary solutions, which Büso will pursue with increased vigor.



Helga Zepp-LaRouche: German Voters Reject the Neo Liberal Policy

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

September 25, 2017 — The political landslide that made the Alternative for Germany (AFD) the third largest party in Germany, as well as the winner in Saxony and the second largest force in the other states in the east of the country, is yet another expression of the rejection of the neoliberal policy, which led to the Brexit and to the defeat of Hillary Clinton. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comment that the CDU/CSU is still the strongest group in the Bundestag against which no one could govern — just some one million voters had walked away from it — shows that Mrs. Merkel is just as unwilling as Hillary Clinton to admit the reasons for her poor performance.

The parties in the Grand Coalition [cdu-spd] were punished for their neo-liberal policy, for Hartz4 [labor market reform], for the balanced budget policy, which have driven a growing percentage of the population into precariousness in spite of abundant tax revenues. What has occurred is exactly what I had already warned of in the Brexit, Trump’s electoral victory and the referendum on changing the Italian constitution: this wave will continue until the injustices of the neo-liberal policy have been eliminated.

The absurdity of this election campaign became clear in the so-called “elephants round” [a talk show with the “heavyweight” candidates]. After the media and the candidates of the established parties had presented an election campaign void of any of the great issues, this talk show, after the election, turned into a slugfest, in which the participants at least gave free rein to their frustrations. Anne Will [the television reporter] made a point of challenging Alexander Gauland [leader of the AfD] to admit that the AfD is only against things, but has no solutions. That is true, of course, but solutions are also not to be found in the two major parties, or in the other three that are now in the Bundestag.

The elephant in the living room of the “elephants round” is the imminent new financial crash, which threatens to dwarf that of 2007/2008. The Büso intends to increase its efforts for the implementation of a global Glass-Steagall system of bank separation as the only way to prevent uncontrolled chaos, together with friendly forces in different European nations and the United States.

The Büso will also escalate its campaign to get Germany and the other European countries to take up China’s offer to work together in building the New Silk Road. That is the only way to develop the economies of Eastern and central Europe and the Balkans, and to industrialize the Middle East and Africa. Building the New Silk Road offers the only avenue to surmounting the causes of the refugee wave in a humane way. The Büso fought for that during the election campaign, and will do so even more now. And our policy will prevail, despite the censorship, because it is in the interest of Germany and of all mankind.

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