2017 Economic Class Series on LaRouche’s Method—New Paradigm of Economics or Death by Geopolitics?

China’s South Water North project.



The United States stands, undecided, before a historical cross road: will we choose to join China and other nations in the largest economic development projects ever undertaken by mankind, or will we collapse along with the current, failed paradigm of economic and geopolitical thought?

The long-term economic breakdown in the United States must be reversed:

  • Standard of Living Collapse: since 1978, average food costs have increased by 250%, housing by 380%, medical care by 600%, and college tuition by ,100%.
  • Physical Infrastructure Breakdown: in their 2017 report card, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave U.S. infrastructure a D+, with a $2 trillion 10-year investment gap.
  • A New Financial Meltdown: the 2008 bailout did nothing to fix the systemic problems in the financial system, leaving the U.S. and EU overdue for a larger meltdown.

These aren’t simply the result of bad policies, they’re the expression of bad ideas—failed axioms underlying modern economic thought. But there is another option available.

If the U.S. decides to work with China, Russia, and other nations in a “win-win” program of global infrastructure and economic development, a bright future is ours to create. Americans can look forward to a national high-speed rail grid, limitless power with fusion energy, the end of droughts with revolutionary water management, the development of new territories and cities, a space colonization program, and a new era of advanced manufacturing and related careers.

The 2017 LaRouchePAC economics class series will provide you with what’s needed to lead the United States down this correct path. Lyndon LaRouche is the world’s leading long-range economic forecaster, with an unmatched record going back to the late 1950s, and three of his top students will lead this international online class series Wednesday evenings, October 4 through December 13.

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