EIR Releases Dossier: Bob Mueller—’Amoral Legal Assassin’; Bust Up the Treason Crowd, Make Way for New Silk Road Era

President George W. Bush addresses the media during a tour of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters with Director Robert Mueller, left, and U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. 9/25/2001. (Photo US National Archives)



Today, EIR posted its weekly edition (dated Sept. 29), featuring, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him.” The 26-page dossier presents the traitorous identity and role of Robert Swan Mueller III, in terms of long-standing, dirty operations against the nation, against patriot-statesman Lyndon LaRouche, against the victims and their families of 9/11, and others. This report—now circulating through LaRouchePAC networks, is ammunition to bust up the treason crowd of the neo-British Empire, once and for all, to make way for the Trans-Atlantic to join in the new Silk Road era of development.

The fact that such stinking operatives as Mueller have been able to continue in their dirty work so long, is not for lack of “information” as such, among the public—though the population is deprived of knowledge. Instead, it reflects mind-control operations to divert and demoralize people into contrived grievances, such as condemning Christopher Columbus as an “oppressor.”

This cultural degradation is being done deliberately by Renaissance-deniers, to be able to perpetrate actual physical crimes against humanity. They are furthering a police-state dynamic to deter anyone from daring to object, or even question what is going on. But we can break the back of these treasonous operations.

One impetus favorable to this breakout, comes from the human desire to save lives and build a future, seen in the victims and relief volunteers amidst the floods and rubble of the widespread disasters that have hit the Americas. As President Enrique Pena Nieto said in a speech to the nation last night, “I know that many of you feel fear and anguish, but let me tell you that we are going to devote special care to the task of protecting the population… My greatest priority is to protect your life and that of your family…. We shall continue to show that we are a people who don’t give up in the face of adversity, and are prepared to move forward.”

Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean islands are still in the rescue phase of emergency operations; then comes the building-an-economy phase, which will require military-scale logistics. Florida, Texas, and the other states, plus Mexico, face huge rebuilding, and building-anew.

This reality calls the question on credit—where will the funds come from? The answer was provided, pre-disaster, by Lyndon LaRouche in his 2014 “Four Laws,” on banking, credit, scientific and economic take-off. Now the reality of the disasters is driving home LaRouche’s point; we are human. We can create credit. We can build and create progress.

A glimmer of recognition came yesterday at a White House meeting on infrastructure and “tax reform.” According to attendees at the bipartisan session, Pres. Trump said that Federal funding, not PPP-funding, is the way to go for revving up infrastructure-building. The Federal—plus state and local—government funding for infrastructure, may mean relying on tax revenue and more debt, but government partnerships with private interests “are certainly not the silver bullet for all of our nation’s infrastructure problems,” according to a White House official who participated in the bipartisan meeting. “We will,” he said, “continue to consider all viable options.” In particular, Trump spoke of “long-term” support for Puerto Rico. How to carry out this perspective—both short- and long-term—is spelled out in the LaRouche Emergency Plan of Action, issued by LaRouchePAC on Aug. 31, in the middle of Hurricane Harvey.

Beyond the immediate, emergency relief operations in Puerto Rico, we need to look “over the horizon,” is the way Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke of the military’s ongoing role in the Caribbean. Dunford was answering specific questions on military aid logistics at a hearing in the Senate yesterday.

But it is now overdue to look even higher and wider: the New Silk Road throughout the Americas, is just “over the horizon!”


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