The Real Referendum Should Be for Spain To Vote To Join the New Silk Road

The following policy statement was issued by the Spain LaRouche Movement on October 2, 2017, translated into English

Ten years ago, the world financial system, riddled with filthy toxic derivatives with no intrinsic value whatsoever, exploded, bringing down with it the world’s physical economies. The policies of austerity measures and issuing fiat money across the trans-Atlantic region by the central banks and the IMF, have left the societies of that region with no future. Spain, along with other European countries, has been a leading victim of that tsunami of physical-economic disintegration, which is reflected in high youth unemployment rates, a growing percentage of the population at risk of poverty and social exclusion, and an abrupt drop in wages. All of this under the dictates of the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank — the Troika.

However, in 2013 a ray of light came from the East, specifically from Astana (Kazakhstan), where Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the creation of an economic belt linking the nations of Asia, which he called the New Silk Road, and which he later broadened to what China today calls the Belt and Road Initiative. This infrastructure and re-industrialization mega-project, based on the most advanced technologies, is centered on a humanist win-win principle in relations among sovereign nation-states, on agapic love of others — principles shared by Confucianism and Platonic Christianity. This new architecture in international relations, with the Belt and Road as its cornerstone, is inspired by a campaign carried out for more than 25 years by the statesman Lyndon LaRouche and his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, for the creation of a World Land-Bridge based on a series of development corridors integrating all of the peoples of the planet, raising their living conditions far above the poverty line. Precisely this has been China’s national plan, which to date has raised some 700 million human beings out of poverty, with the goal of completely eradicating it in their country by the year 2020.

And Spain? What role does it play? In its best moments, over the centuries Spain has played the role of being a bridge for humanist ideas among different civilizations. During the Middle Ages, it was a hotbed of scientific, technological and cultural progress, which produced great thinkers such as Ramón Llull, Alfonso X The Wise, and Al-Farabi, true Platonists who promoted the image of Man as a creative being in the physical universe. Llull and Alfonso X’s translations of Platonists works from Arabic to Latin and vernacular languages, such as Castilian and Catalan, directly inspired individuals who contributed to the Golden Renaissance in Europe, such as Nicholas of Cusa and Dante Alighieri, and likewise shaped the thinking of the creator of the science of physical economy, Gottfried Leibniz.

Later, Spain helped execute the last will and testament of Nicholas of Cusa (1401 – 1464), to create a republican Nation state far from Europe’s oligarchical corruption, which would promote Man’s creative abilities, and save Mankind from the dark age which it had endured for more than a century. As part of that project, Spain opened the way to the discovery of the Americas. It also contributed to the creation of the American republic, whose Declaration of Independence and Federal Constitution are based on the Renaissance principles developed by Cusa and later Leibniz.

Spain has always been, in its moments of greatness, the bridge which united different cultures, the land where a true ecumenicism could develop, albeit briefly, among the three great monotheistic religions, as was reflected in the Toledo School of Translation.

Today, in the 21st century, Spain can once again become the World Land-Bridge’s bridge to Asia, Africa and the Americas. This year, the Spanish government took a first step towards joining the win-win paradigm which China is offering through the New Silk Road.

The real secession discussion which should dominate Spain’s national attention, should not be that of Catalonia separating from Spain — which would only benefit the City of London and Wall Street’s geopolitical Great Game — but that of separating Spain from the bankrupt and genocidal system of the European Union, of the Troika, which is the expression in Europe of the bankrupt monetary system whose austerity measures have left millions of Spanish youth with no future. A united Spain must declare its independence and reclaim is national sovereignty, and fully join the New Silk road. This is a pregnant moment.

Spaniards: Don’t let yourselves be swept away by the current pessimism induced by the British Empire, the masters of the current bankrupt system. Inspire yourselves in Llull, Alfonso X, Charles III, Bernardo Ward, Al-Farabi, Goya, Campones, and of course, in Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. We have excellent thinkers who showed what Spain is capable of contributing to elevate Mankind to its creative potential. Let us, united, declare our independence as a sovereign Nation state from the austerity imposed by the European Union, and join the New Silk Road to get Spain’s physical economy off the ground, and give its population, especially its youth, a purpose in creating a better future through productive high-skilled jobs which raise our per capita and per square kilomenter physical economic productivity.

Throughout history we have been the bridge among cultures, promoting the integration of civilizations by bringing forth the best and the good of each. It is time to take a step forward and return to being that bridge which is our true identity.


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