In Defense of Columbus and the Principle of Scientific Discovery


Following her “Open Letter to President Trump in Defense of Columbus”, Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman, Movisol, (LaRouche’s Movement in Italy) addresses the Manhattan Project to tell the truth about Columbus’ spirit of discovery and his achievements that benefited all of mankind. Today, a similar spirit of discovery expressed by China’s Belt and Road initiative has the potential to transform the future as monumentally as Columbus’ accomplishments. The recent attacks on Columbus by groups such as the Antifa are not intended to defend “racial and economic justice”, but are directed at disrupting the growing alliance between President Trump, China’s President Xi Jinping and President Putin, and their creation of a new economic order to benefit all of humanity centered on the Belt and Road Initiative.

The video that Ms.Gorirni refers to in her presentation is a 1978 RAI excerpt from the opera Simon Boccanegra, “Plebe, patrizi, popolo!” with Piero Cappuccilli in the title role, and also Mirelli Freni and Nicola Ghiaurov.

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