Trump At A Crossroads With Asia Trip: The Mueller Threat Must Be Destroyed

October 6, 2017 (Whitehouse Photo)



There is great political tension surrounding the preparations the Trump Administration is now making for the President’s Asia trip November 3-14 and, crucially, his meetings with President Xi of China.

Confrontations with North Korea and with Iran are intensifying and threaten great, potentially immediate dangers.

But the now strengthening national debate over how to get new infrastructure built in America, after the unprotected “natural disasters” of August and September, sets an agenda for Trump with China, which is building major new projects worldwide in its Belt and Road Initiative.

Trump’s own public statements and actions in rushing through emergency funds, recommending public funding of infrastructure and writing off Wall Street’s unpayable debts in Puerto Rico, have intentionally provoked this debate and built on Americans’ desire to unify and rebuild.

China has wanted to participate in this since President Xi invited Barack Obama’s administration to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; Obama fought it instead. It represents the goals of national common interests, productivity, and connectivity for which China’s Belt and Road Initiative was founded in 2013, and first suggested by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche in 1989.

Now a “Hamiltonian” national bank combined with an anti-Wall Street new Glass-Steagall Act proposed by LaRouche form the one clear, workable idea for the trillions in credit necessary to build America a new economic infrastructure and a space program restored to greatness. This idea has not been grasped yet in the White House, but if President Trump discusses the Belt and Road Initiative with Xi, it potentially takes life immediately. And Japan, where he will also hold a summit, has now indicated it will be joining the Belt and Road.

The threat to this prospect is not that Trump will start a war but that he will be impeached. The so-called “Russiagate” affair, a protracted witchhunt against the President, continues although the American people are thoroughly sick of it. U.S. intelligence agencies, driven by British intelligence, are using “special prosecutor” Robert Mueller as a hit-man to drive Trump out of office by any means.

So EIR and LaRouchePAC have taken this one, with a dossier that blows out of the water Mueller’s “fitness” to judge any leader’s actions. It shows how he has been selected to commit serious crimes against the United States for over 30 years; and it is the means to stop the witchhunt. “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him” has been circulated by nearly 2,000 people from; its circulation now has to go into the tens of thousands, by social media and in print, to influential Americans and others concerned with America’s future.

The President’s departure for Asia in 25 days should set the deadline for success in this effort.


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