We Are the Idea-Givers Behind the Emerging New Era for Mankind

Xi Jinping, “More than 60 million people have been lifted out of poverty over the past five years.” (Xinhua / New China)


The just-concluded 19th Congress of China’s CPC has consolidated as that country’s driving mission the idea of creating by the middle of this century a “beautiful China” and a “beautiful world,” in which governments will be guided by the concept of providing for the increasing “happiness” of their populations.

This is a stunning development of strategic significance, Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized over the weekend, which has gone right by most of the population in the United States and Europe — let alone registered as a re-statement, “with Chinese characteristics,” of the central philosophical concepts around which the United States itself was founded. “What leader of which country in the West has such a vision today?” Zepp-LaRouche asked. How long has it been since an American statesman made such a perspective, and its attendant concept of man, the subject of national discourse?

And yet these profound ideas would not be so alien to the majority of Americans today, had not Lyndon LaRouche, along with many of his associates, been unjustly railroaded into prison and converted into a pariah over three decades ago. This crime was committed by the same British-run gang of thugs, prominently including Robert Mueller, which went on to cover up the Saudi-British role in 9/11, and is now attempting to overthrow the Trump government and the very Constitution of the United States—a picture proven way beyond a reasonable doubt in EIR’s and LaRouchePAC’s Mueller special report, which is circulating widely across the country.

The British did all of this to try to silence the ideas which Lyndon LaRouche has uniquely generated over decades, which provide the basis for bringing about a New Paradigm for mankind, burying the British Empire once and for all. They are the ideas which are now taking shape in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is moving relentlessly forward on every continent.

“We are the idea-givers,” Zepp-LaRouche stated matter-of-factly. What is emerging on the world stage today is the result of our mobilization, our organizing and educating over decades—not merely around projects and policies, but around Lyndon LaRouche’s breakthrough discoveries, his elaboration of the central concept of Man as his creative identity, that which distinguishes him from all other species known to us. It were profitable to study these writings today, both in the West and the East. She particularly urged people to read, or re-read, Lyndon LaRouche’s December 2004 writing, “The Dialogue of Eurasian Civilization: Earth’s Next Fifty Years.”

The opening quotation from LaRouche, used as the frontispiece in the book version, of that report reads as follows:

“Creativity as I have identified it here is the difference between you and a monkey. In fact, there are two qualities to this difference. First, the member of the human species can increase the potential relative population-density of his or her species by the willful use of creativity, as no form of animal life could do this. Second, the progress of society over successive generations, depends upon the re-enacting of the creative discovery of those kinds of universal physical principles by successive generations. Taken together, these two expressions of creativity (as I define it) provide the basis for what we might call natural human morality, the kind of difference which separates human morality from the culture of monkeydom.”

Ten years earlier in 1993, while still incarcerated, Lyndon LaRouche wrote an extensive article elaborating on this, his unique discovery, in a piece entitled “On LaRouche’s Discovery,” (PDF) whose opening paragraph states:

“The central feature of my original contribution to the Leibniz science of physical economy, is the provision of a method for addressing the causal relationship between, on the one side, individuals’ contributions to axiomatically revolutionary advances in scientific and analogous forms of knowledge, and, on the other side, consequent increases in the potential population-density of corresponding societies. In its application to political economy, my method focuses analysis upon the central role of the following, three-step sequence: first, axiomatically revolutionary forms of scientific and analogous discovery; second, consequent advances in machine-tool and analogous principles; finally, consequent advances in the productive powers of labor.”

Now is a good time for the world to fully discover LaRouche’s Discovery.

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