All the Trees in the British Forest Could Fall

Buckingham Palace and Guards

Although the fake-news press and the anti-Russian political forces in both parties continue the daily diatribe against President Trump, the witchhunt led by “legal assassin” Robert Mueller to oust the President and bring down the US government, is facing exposure and an escalating counterattack by patriotic forces. The first 10,000-run of the EIR investigative report “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him,” has penetrated the Congress and other national political circles, and is having a powerful impact. It is now going into a second printing.

Over the weekend, the House Intelligence Committee under Rep. Devin Nunes threatened to bring contempt-of-Congress charges against both the Department of Justice and the FBI if they failed to produce long-sought documents about the FBI role in the discredited dossier prepared by MI6 agent Christopher Steele, and their use of that fake document to launch the legal assault on President Trump.

Monday morning the DOJ tried to appease Nunes by announcing that they will allow several of the FBI agents who are implicated in serious crimes in their coup attempt against Trump, to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. As of this writing, it is not clear if Nunes will proceed with contempt proceedings, demanding full compliance by the rogue intelligence officials under the Constitutional mandate of Congressional oversight.

The effort to blame Trump’s election on Russian interference in the election has been obliterated: by Trump himself standing firm on the need to work with Russia on a friendly basis to fight terrorism in Syria and elsewhere; by leading constitutional experts like Alan Dershowitz demonstrating that Trump has acted entirely within the framework of the Constitutional powers of the Presidency; and by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), who proved that there was no hacking of the Democratic Party computers, by the Russians or anybody else.

But there is a vulnerability in President Trump’s vision. Although committed to rebuilding American infrastructure and industrial capacity, and working with China and others in global development, he has thus far accepted the myth that the record- high stock market valuation is a sign of progress, rather than a dangerous speculative bubble which can not be sustained, and whose collapse is inevitable. Across Europe and America, the bankers themselves are sounding a panicked alarm (see below for such warnings from the Bundesbank, the BIS, and the Bank of England), but have no idea how to solve it.

There is only one lifeboat — the restoration of Hamiltonian (American System) policies in the US and Europe, as presented in LaRouche’s Four Laws, while bringing the East and the West together in the spirit of the New Silk Road spearheaded by China.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke at the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Forum in Zhuhai on November 29, calling her address “The Belt and Road Initiative and the Dialogue of Cultures, On the Basis of their Higher Expressions.” She captured the nature of the current danger, and its necessary solution, in this excerpt:

“Geopolitics, the idea that a nation, or group of nations, has the right to pursue their interest against another group of nations, has led to two World Wars in the 20th century. It should be obvious to anyone, that in the age of thermonuclear weapons, war can no longer be a method of settling conflicts, if we as a human species are not to bring about our own annihilation. Humanity is distinct from all other species known in the universe so far, in that we are capable of creative reason. This means, that we can, unlike the animal species, consciously change the mode of our existence, continuously discover new universal principles in science and culture, develop a deeper and more profound knowledge about the physical universe, of which we are the most important part. So in a certain sense it is lawful, that mankind would come up with the idea on how to overcome geopolitics, and establish a system of self-governance, which would guarantee the long term survivability of humanity.

“The concept of a ‘community of a shared future of mankind’ presented by President Xi Jinping, is exactly that idea. By putting the notion of the one mankind, defined from the standpoint of our common future, as the reference point as how to think about political, economic, social and cultural issues, President Xi has established a higher level of reason, a conceptual basis for a peace order on the whole planet.”

President Trump has taken a small but crucial step in that direction through his historic Asian tour. While he must be defended from the British-directed coup attempt, he must also be moved by an inspired citizenry to fully join the New Paradigm which is now within our grasp.

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