“Now It All Starts To Make Sense”

President Donald J. Trump participates in the APEC Summit | November 11, 2017


A foreign enemy of the United States—the British Empire’s intelligence services and their allies in the FBI and on Wall Street—has de facto invaded the U.S. with the stated intention of staging a coup d’état against the elected President and the Constitution, in order to reverse his policies of constructing peaceful cooperation with Russia and China, and marching the world back from the brink of war. The British cannot stand for any deviation from the war trajectory of their Bush and Obama administrations, because the survival of their entire system of global geopolitics and financial looting depends on it. Since President Trump was elected by the American people to reverse the Obama policies and do just that, the British et al. are now trying to impeach and jail him, and the truth be damned.

The approach they are taking, and even the cast of characters involved, is nearly identical to the “Get LaRouche” taskforce they deployed some 30 years ago to unjustly jail Lyndon LaRouche and numerous of his associates, in their unsuccessful effort to silence his voice.

Those simple facts, known for months to the LaRouche movement and its supporters, and circulated far and wide in our Mueller Dossier (now going into its second printing), have now emerged into full public view over the last 72 hours. As President Trump himself tweeted yesterday: “Now it all starts to make sense.”

It is that international strategic battle, and not anything to do with “domestic politics” or other hot-button issues, right or left, that is at stake.

What most threatens the British Empire’s grip, is the unceasing drive of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is pulling nation after nation into its orbit, as well as the unique role that the LaRouche movement is playing in that process—as reflected, yet again, in Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s participation as a keynote speaker at the Nov. 29 conference in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, on The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Forum.

Exemplary of the rapidly changing world dynamic are the comments of the Chairman of the Bank of China Chen Siqing, who spoke on Dec. 2 at a forum in Rome, “The Third Mediterranean Dialogue”:

“The Belt and Road Initiative has created a new platform for international cooperation…. The Mediterranean’s position is unique and of strategic importance, at the crossroads of the land Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road…. In the future, we should accelerate industrial capacity cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, promote regional development and peaceful coexistence among peoples.”

That future is now, and it includes the United States. It does not include the British Empire.

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