A Plan To Defeat A Coup, And Join A New Paradigm Of Economic Progress

Get our Dossier on Robert Mueller below.


The LaRouche Political Action Committee is issuing two mass-circulation documents during December, to defeat the coup against President Trump, and to realize — and go beyond — the economic policies Americans thought he stood for during last year’s campaign.

Today the second mass printing of the dossier, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He’ll Do His Job If You Let Him” began to go out; it will hit Washington, D.C. and the whole country by Friday. The first mass issue of that dossier has succeeded in turning the spotlight, and the heat, on the political agenda of an attempted coup against Trump which began with British Intelligence, and is using Mueller as its weapon. It is being exposed now, day after day, in Congressional hearings and even in some of the media which were acting as part of that coup just weeks ago.

The 10,000 new dossiers now out in print, and its Internet impact, must finish off that coup, including Mueller’s so-called “investigation.”

The President’s policies are known; he states them clearly and repeatedly. They include intended cooperation with Russia and China to resolve the Bush/Obama legacy of “regime-change wars” and avoid the threat of confrontation of nuclear powers.

But the policies and extreme biases of the coup plotters against Trump — beginning with British MI6 intelligence service from 2015 onwards — have been kept hidden, while they “simply investigated Russian interference.” That secrecy has been exploded; their bias is out in the open and must soon be under formal investigation.

And their policy — again beginning with British Intelligence — is all-out confrontation with Russia and China even to the point of nuclear war confrontation.

The “investigators” are, in reality, a network of Anglo-American spies and spooks — Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson, FBI’s Andrew McCabe, Justice Department officials Bruce and Nelli Ohr, Mueller himself and his “chief investigator” Peter Strzok, et al. — who had been instigating Obama’s hardline anti-Russia policy for years before candidate and then President Donald Trump became their target.

While the President has to be freed of this coup attempt, LaRouchePAC’s second publication, “America’s Future on the New Silk Road,” will revive the potential of a “new economic paradigm” which engaged him in his 14-day trip to China and other Asian nations. It resulted, among other things, in nearly $300 billion in investments in the United States and a Chinese commitment to build industry in America’s third-poorest state.

More than that, the President and Congress need to understand Lyndon LaRouche’s “four laws to save the nation.” They start with reimposition of the Glass-Steagall Act before the hyper-leveraged U.S. and European banks crash again. This was a Trump campaign promise! Then, join China’s Belt and Road initiative (“New Silk Road”) and match China credit-for-credit for great infrastructure projects, with a Reconstruction Finance Corporation or Hamiltonian Bank of the United States. Infrastructure building was Trump’s main campaign promise, but the scrooges of the Republican leadership have so far defeated his intention.

Build high-speed rail corridors; build sea gates and reservoirs; build nuclear power plants and don’t rely on gas power like the now-sorry British. Go again to the Moon and thence into the Solar System with a mobilization like Apollo. Trump has again stated the United States will do this. But without the credit and science policies LaRouche spelled out in his “Four Laws,” and without cooperation with China, Russia, and other space faring nations, it won’t succeed.

“America’s Future on the New Silk Road” is issued to get these laws implemented.

It should be a lively holiday season. Hopefully it will be a good one for peace and the common aims of mankind.

Stop the Coup Against President Trump

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