Mueller’s War on Lyndon LaRouche Can Finally Be Defeated

Robert Mueller briefing Obama after the 2013 Boston bombing. (Whitehouse Photo)


The Robert Mueller “legal assassin” operation to remove President Trump from office is crumbling. Mueller and his sponsors — especially the Obama-Hillary apparatus within the Democratic Party and their cheerleaders in the nation’s press corps — are panicked. Mueller is throwing several members of his team to the wolves, while he tries to salvage the illegal witch hunt before he and his team face criminal charges for their treasonous actions.

Monday, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, one of the central actors in the coup attempt, discovered a “routine scheduling error” and postponed his scheduled testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, which is closing in on the truth behind the British intelligence dossier of lies about Trump and Russia. That “dodgy dossier” was prepared by MI6 agent Christopher Steele and paid for by Fusion GPS, which in turn was paid by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party (and perhaps even by the FBI itself). It is certain McCabe was terrified by the revelation Monday night that the wife of Bruce Ohr (recently dismissed as Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Justice Department when it was revealed he met with Steele and with the head of Fusion GPS, without informing his associates) had herself worked for Fusion GPS! As in becoming clear, the entire, rotten operation is a British intelligence effort to destroy the United States.

The impact of the EIR and LaRouchePAC report exposing Mueller’s coup attempt against President Trump can not be overly emphasized. About to be released this week in a second run of 10,000, the report uniquely documents the British roots of the regime change operation against the United States, which can no longer be covered up by fake news. More important, it shows that Mueller cut his teeth as the head of the “Get LaRouche Task Force” which put Lyndon LaRouche in prison in 1989. This is the profound truth behind the Mueller campaign today — he is still at war with LaRouche, and with the ideas LaRouche introduced to America and the human race. The era of Empire is coming to an end, if the American people rise to the occasion.

LaRouche’s fundamental discovery regarded the coherence of the human creative process, be it in scientific discovery or in classical artistic composition, with the neg-entropic lawfulness of the universe. Over these past 50 years, Lyndon LaRouche forecast the systemic collapse of the Western financial system, step by step, as speculation replaced investment into the real economy, and the American System of federal credit was replaced by British monetarism. He proposed a new International Development Bank to extend credit for basic infrastructure, to facilitate industrialization in the so-called “Third World.” He designed programs for the transformation of Africa, Ibero-America, and the Asia-Pacific. He called for the necessary massive expansion of the space program and fusion power research. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche proposed a New Silk Road, to unite Europe, Russia, China and India, in a global development mode, uplifting the world from poverty and war.

In other words, he prescribed a program for the world which is now being introduced as the Belt and Road Initiative by China’s President Xi Jinping. This is no coincidence.

President Trump is certainly not the genius found in Lyndon LaRouche. But he has tapped into the long waves of history set loose by LaRouche’s ideas. He has linked America’s future with China and with Russia; he has essentially dismissed party politics, rejecting the regime changers and war mongers on both sides of the aisle; he has demanded the re-industrialization of the nation; he has called for the return of the manned space program; he has mandated a war on drugs. For these and more reasons, the London and Wall Street purveyors of Empire, who run after money in the here and now, see the specter of LaRouche’s ideas coming to the fore, both internationally with the New Silk Road, and in America — especially since Trump’s embrace of Xi Jinping’s policies during his China visit last month.

The biggest crime in the Mueller persecution of LaRouche in the 1980’s was that of depriving of the American people of these ideas. As a result, the population became inundated with existentialist perversity, hedonism, drugs, anti-science hysteria, and economic decay. If America is to succeed in preventing the onset of a new Dark Age, and bring about a new global Renaissance of Mankind, in league with nations around the world through the New Silk Road, they must finally come to terms with the oligarchs’ fear and hatred of Lyndon LaRouche, and begin to master his method of scientific thinking. With their future stolen from them, people are now searching for those ideas. This is the new paradigm, which, despite the extreme danger of the moment, is within our grasp.

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