What’s the News?

Xi and Trump at the G20 in Hamburg, 2017.

What’s the news that the lying press is blacking out and denying you? It’s hope. The contagion of hope. The lying press is refusing to report that U.S. President Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping witnessed a Memorandum of Understanding, during President Trump’s Nov. 8-10 state visit to China, in which a giant Chinese firm agreed to invest $83.7 billion in petrochemical manufacturing in West Virginia, one of the poorest of the U.S. states, and the most victimized by the killer opioid epidemic. There is hope in West Virginia today—and it won’t stop there!

As West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice said at a Dec. 4 press conference, “There’s one word ringing across the valleys and the mountains, and that’s hope!”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted in a conversation today that once you have hope, you see everything in a totally different way. Our great strength today stems from the fact that this is a time of hope—a season of hope. The best thing about the winter is that spring is coming. The bad dream, the nightmare that descended on America and the world with the death of Franklin Roosevelt, and then John and Robert Kennedy, is finally over.

How could an entire state of the United States, like West Virginia for example, walk into the dead end of depopulation, of extinction, as West Virginia was walking into it until recently? There is idle labor, even skilled labor. There are resources. What is needed is the credit to set them into action, as Franklin Roosevelt provided it, for example, in his recovery and mobilization programs. A credit system, not a money system. The lesson of the hope that is springing up in West Virginia, the hope they don’t want you to know about, is that the United States must implement the Hamiltonian credit system of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four New Laws,” while joining fully in the World Land-Bridge system pioneered by China—and fought for for decades by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

Events began moving in West Virginia—one of the so-called “flyover states” despised by Hillary Clinton—a little before President Trump’s early-November trip to China. A terrible fire began in West Virginia’s Wood County on Oct. 21 of this year and burned for over a week, shutting down the town. The county ran out of money to pay the contractors who were shooting water to try to contain the toxic flames and smoke. When Governor Justice’s Chief of Staff telephoned him from Wood County, and asked what to do, the Governor ordered money taken out of the governor’s contingency fund, responding, “You cannot put a price on a West Virginian. Do whatever it takes to make this happen.”

This was also celebrated last Monday when the Governor presented a check to the county to cover the emergency expenses, and the Governor concluded the meeting by saying, “One thing is moving across the land, and the average everyday guy gets it. That is hope.”

Did you know West Virginia just landed an $83.7 billion dollar deal with a Chinese energy giant during President Trump’s visit to Asia? $83.7 billion dollars is more than the state’s entire GDP. The contracts, which span over a 20 year period, are investments in power generation, chemical manufacturing and a hub for liquefied natural gas.

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