Christmas Greetings to All — Remember To Love Mankind

Christmas 2017 Greetings!

Will Wertz, in the Thursday evening activists call, recalled Lyndon’s message from many years ago, in his essay “Prometheus and Europe” in the July 23, 1999 issue of EIR, regarding the truthful understanding of the Prometheus story. Lyndon rejected not only the oligarchical view — that Prometheus was paying for disobeying the rules of the game — but also the view expressed in Goethe’s poem on Prometheus, and expressed also in the Hugo Wolf setting of the poem, that Prometheus, in defeat, was shaking his fist in defiance of the powers that be. Counter to that, and shaping Lyndon’s own subsequent discoveries, was the view first found in Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound — that Zeus, the tyrant, was the tragic figure, not Prometheus. As Lyndon put it, Zeus’s “beastly defiance of the immortal Prometheus brought doom, upon not only Zeus, but all of the gods of Olympus.”

It was the “God’s spark” in Prometheus, his love for Mankind, which caused his suffering at the hands of the tyrant, but caused his name to be forever known as the liberator of Mankind, through providing that gift of creative reason, of fire and art. It was this spirit that led Ben Franklin to be called the “new Prometheus,” Lyndon noted, and was the same Goetterfunken of Schiller’s An Die Freude and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

The same can be said of Socrates, and of Jesus Christ — which is why we titled the collection of statements from around the world calling for Lyndon’s freedom “The Third Trial of Socrates.”

Lyndon’s historic battle for the Goetterfunken to truly free humanity from the mental death-grip of the Olympian oligarchs has now brought victory within reach. The New Silk Road is providing the living structure to realize Lyndon’s vision of a future worthy of the dignity of Man, while the oligarchy has desperately over-extended itself with its Russiagate fraud, under the direction of those who believed they had silenced LaRouche, trying to hold back the tide of ideas, unleashed by LaRouche over the past half-century, which is now lifting all nations, and potentially all people of the world, out from under the threat of the thermonuclear Great Flood.

This is what should be the subject of celebration today, in America and around the world, by Christian, Jew, Muslim, Confucian — by all Mankind: the Spirit made flesh.


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