The Resolution for Those with Responsibility To Lead: Give Up Geopolitics in 2018!

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks regarding the Administration’s National Security Strategy (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

EIR and the LaRouche Political Action Committee have taken the point in exposing, bringing under attack, now weakening the unconstitutional “Russiagate” coup attempt against President Trump fronted by Robert Mueller.

But to defeat that attack against the President — for attempting positive relationships with Russia and China — another flank is needed where the target is geopolitics itself. The United States must become a partner in the “New Silk Road” economic and scientific development policy launched by China, and pursue peace and reconstruction for the Mideast and Africa.

The British-originated doctrine of geopolitics has started two world wars, and created a state of almost perpetual war, with the idea of “national interests” which says that for one nation or group of nations to advance, another must fall; for one to win, another must lose; and ultimately, wars will determine the outcome.

But with the conference of more than 100 nations in Beijing in mid-May, 2017, on China’s Belt and Road Initiative — great projects of world land- and sea-bridges — the new paradigm of nations’ cooperating in economic and scientific progress began, potentially, to replace geopolitics for good. Those who have responsibility to lead in their nations, or who take that responsibility on themselves, must make that happen in 2018.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who spoke at that conference and many others leading to it over 30 years, notes that the Trump Administration is still divided between geopolitical rivalries on one hand, and common economic progress on the other. In the President’s presentation of a National Security Doctrine, he may have called China and Russia “rivals” rather than the doctrine-writers’ “adversaries” and “enemies”; but this is still geopolitics. A fight for America joining in the New Silk Road, Helga LaRouche says, is what must decide this.

The attempt to drive Trump from office with “Russiagate” is pure British-instigated geopolitics, claiming that Russia and China, as great powers, are America’s great adversaries, and if Trump wants collaborative relations with them, he must be stopped — or, geopolitics is abandoned.

The “next big issue” in the United States is not whether President Trump and Congress agree to discuss a small infrastructure proposal in January, but whether the geopolitical disease can be defeated.

Consider: China has invested the equivalent of some $350 billion in new transportation infrastructure in 2017, and at least $50 billion more outside China. Does this make it an adversary of America, which is about to debate a mere $200 billion such investments over a decade, and where China committed to President Trump some $80 billion in investments in new energy resources and industries for West Virginia alone?

Or must both President and Congress realize how small they are thinking, with a new financial crash threatening them, and other major nations willing to take joint action to stop a crash and accelerate real economic and productive growth?

What will actually defend the Presidency, is a new paradigm of economic and cultural “win-win” cooperation. Lyndon LaRouche has presented the substanceof that cooperation as “Four New Laws to save the nation,” just published again by LaRouchePAC for national circulation as 2018 begins. To reach the President it must reach the nation.


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