A New Cold War?—No, But It Could be Worse than the Cold War

President Donald J. Trump and President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan during a working lunch | January 16, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)


From Russia, from China, and from NYU’s Stephen F. Cohen in the United States, experts are speaking about the beginning of a new Cold War—and with it, the danger of hot war involving the superpowers, and even nuclear strikes. Now for many of us who lived through it, the phrase “Cold War” conjures up the image of an endless, one-dimensional nightmare with no escape. It kills the thinking process—which we can ill-afford right now.

In reality, the historical parallel is all wrong—BUT the results of the neocons’ and neoliberals’ wildly throwing the U.S. into confrontation with Russia and China today, may actually be much worse than the old Cold War of the last century. Remember that after the crime of the two atomic bombings of Japan, nuclear weapons were never used during the Cold War—although there were many near-misses and lucky breaks. U.S. troops never fought Russian troops. Although U.S. and Chinese troops fought in Korea, the two nations were never actually at war. We had a very close call in the Cuban Missiles Crisis—civilization was only saved by the soon-to-be-assassinated President Jack Kennedy. But somehow, for forty years, the madmen who were legion on both sides were ultimately contained—often just barely so.

But are they contained now? Is this what you see in the current government shutdown, or in Durbin’s obscene libel? Just the opposite! The meaning of “the Resistance” is that the lunatics have taken over the asylum, as in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether.” Their “strategy” is “bring it on!” “The worse the better!” Especially now when facts are about to be made public which explode the whole “Russiagate” hoax against President Trump and the Constitution. They hope against hope, that if they simply turn everything upside down and throw it out the window, maybe, somehow, that will lead to the removal of the hated President Trump.

A man who used his brains fully while living half of his adult life in the Cold War is Lyndon LaRouche. With uncanny accuracy, he forecast the way out from under the shadow of thermonuclear holocaust. The Belt and Road, the New Silk Road, is nothing but today’s form of his vision going back to the 1960s. Even though it was never properly adopted by both the superpowers—although we came very close to that—his Strategic Defense Initiative nevertheless brought the Cold War to an end at the close of the 1980s, as LaRouche had so precisely forecast. LaRouche and his method, with his Four Laws which incorporate the SDI within his whole career as a groundbreaking scientist and economist, can bring us through this crisis in time to escape the disaster which threatens.

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