State Of The Union: More Than ‘Bipartisanship,’ A New Paradigm Is Needed

President Trump addresses a joint session of Congress in February 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


President Donald Trump could not really have missed it at the Davos World Economic Forum. While he led cheers for investment in the newly low-tax, cheap-dollar United States, and pleased some multinational CEOs, the conference looked to China and its Belt and Road Initiative for the key to leading the world economy out of its crisis since the 2008 crash. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s economic advisor Liu He was the speaker most closely listened to. China’s policy of developing high-technology economic infrastructure as the leading edge to the goal of eradicating poverty — now with many national partners in Asia, Africa, and Latin America — was recognized as a new “win-win” paradigm to overcome both the causes and the lasting effects of the trans-Atlantic economic collapse a decade ago.

Even Bloomberg News, in an ostensible news article this morning, said, “With the addition of the Arctic and Latin America last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature Belt and Road Initiative has become truly global. Only the U.S., its neighbor Canada and ally Japan have yet to be included in the plan, which seeks to build or upgrade a network of highways, railways, ports and pipelines.” And later, it acknowledged that Japan is, in fact, collaborating in the Belt and Road Initiative, and that President Xi has repeatedly asked the United States to join it.

In his State of the Union Address Tuesday night, the only way the President can transform the prospect of his administration is to join that New Silk Road, at least in general commitment following on his recent visits to China, Japan, and other Asian economic leaders.

Even if he appeals for it, there is no “bipartisanship” waiting in the fractured, discredited Congress, more than 50 of whose Members have resigned in just one session.

The two-year-long push by British and U.S. intelligence agencies to destroy Trump’s candidacy and Presidency has drawn in large numbers of Democratic opportunists. It must be defeated or leave the United States a New Cold War police state in which all Presidents are controlled by intelligence officials with secret scandals. Developments occurring over these 24 hours offer hope for its defeat, but if not crushed, these new McCarthyites will settle for nothing less than a fiercely anti-Russia, anti-China President Pence.

There isn’t even “partisanship” to appeal to: If Trump presents his wholly inadequate infrastructure-building program, and bases the small Federal funding in it on an increased gasoline tax, the deluded Congressional Republicans in the Chamber will oppose it. The United States will continue deindustrializing; Americans will continue overdosing on opioids; their life expectancy will fall further. Cities and states ambitious for development will keep sending delegations to China.

There is a new paradigm to appeal to and join, which can involve the kind of economic rebuilding, space exploration, and technological progress Trump voters voted for. The President will have to think of the world’s economy from the top down, and join the New Silk Road.

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