What Did Trump Learn from Davos?

President Donald J. Trump arrives in Switzerland for the Davos Economic Forum | January 25, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)



With President Trump preparing his State of the Union Speech for this coming Tuesday — reportedly to focus on the domestic economy and infrastructure — what must be asked is whether he is reflecting on the theme of the Davos World Economic Forum. Trump’s speech at Davos was limited to praise for what he described as a great economic boom taking place in the U.S., but unfortunately, pointing to the massive stock market bubble as a sign of that progress, rather than as a huge warning-sign of the coming crash.

Even the Wall Street Journal recently warned the President to stop using the stock market as the measure of economic progress — the Wall Street boys know very well that the crash is imminent. More to the point, as EIR has emphasized, William White, the insightful former chief economist at the BIS, warned on Jan. 25 that the Western banking system has no way to avoid such a crash, since the “policy trap” they created for themselves through the QE money-printing binge, which papered over the 2008 crash, leaves them with no monetary solutions to the current, far bigger bubble we face today.

No monetary solution — but there is a creditary solution, which has been placed in the hands of every member of Congress and at least several people in Trump’s circle, in the form of the pamphlet “LaRouche’s Four Laws: The Physical Economic Principles for the Recovery of the U.S. — America’s Future on the New Silk Road.”

Thus the question above: Did the President take to heart that the theme of the Davos Forum this year was “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” a concept taken directly from Xi Jinping’s speech to the 2017 Davos Forum? Not only was the theme taken from China, but, as the New York Timesacknowledged today in an article headlined “At Davos, the Real Star May Have Been China, Not Trump,” the keynote speech by Liu He, Xi Jinping’s leading economist, was one of the best attended, while “National leaders seemed to vie with one another in Davos in calling for closer cooperation with China.”

For Trump to make the decision to fully restore American System policies — the Hamiltonian system underlying LaRouche’s Four Laws — and fully join the New Silk Road, the treasonous coup attempt against him by British intelligence and their American lackeys must be crushed, and the perpetrators of their “Russiagate” scam brought to justice themselves.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham, took another major step in that direction on Jan. 25, sending letters to several top leaders in the Obama-era Democratic Party demanding full disclosure to his Senate Judiciary Committee of all documents pertaining to Fusion GPS and to Christopher Steele’s discredited dossier — how and when it was shown to each of them, how it made its way to the DOJ and FBI, all their discussions and exchanges with those law enforcement agencies, and all their contacts with Steele himself and his fellow British operatives.

Interestingly, the name Victoria Nuland is on that list — recall that Fusion GPS also compiled reports on Ukraine for Victoria Nuland as she was running the Obama Administration’s support for the Nazi gangs who ran the 2014 coup against the elected government in Kiev.

The handwriting is on the wall for all to see. The British Empire, and its deadly geopolitical wars, have no place in the New Paradigm now coming into being around the world. Trump has committed to America’s friendship with Russia and China to achieve that noble aim, based on a shared destiny for all nations. Every citizen of the world must work to bring that intention to reality.

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