The New Paradigm Already Exists Time To Act on Optimism!

China in Red, the members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in orange. The 6 proposed corridors in black. (Lommes / Wikimedia)  (Note: Ireland now also an AIIB member.)


We are at a point where the New Paradigm of world development already exists. People in Western Europe and the United States may not know it, but the Old Paradigm has gone away. The New Silk Road is now the pre-eminent policy internationally. It is the time to act on optimism, and escalate the mobilization to get the LaRouche “Four Laws” in place and bring the spirit of the New Silk Road into action in the Trans-Atlantic.

Everywhere else, there are strategic alignments underway. In East Asia, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is actively working with Russia and China, on economic and peace projects. In Africa, BRI progress is dramatic, as furthered this month, in the annual first-of-the-year African tour by the Chinese Foreign Minister. Even in Europe, there are nations now fully engaged in Silk Road trade and infrastructure construction. In the Americas, south of the United States, there was a formal declaration by the nations at the CELAC summit (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) this month, of commitment to work with China on the Belt and Road Initiative. Last week, even President Michel Temer of Brazil acknowledged the BRI momentum during his time at the Davos Forum.

“The New Paradigm is moving ahead in a very dynamic way,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed yesterday. She called on Americans “to have the optimism that we can move the United States.” We have the “Campaign To Win the Future” 2018 Platform for the U.S. Mid-Term elections. We have the only solutions to the manifest problems of the U.S.: the LaRouche Four Laws and associated link-up to the BRI. This is so, regardless of what may be said, or not said, tonight in President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

Zepp-LaRouche pointed out a parallel case of a policy shift announcement coming at its own moment–the SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative. Authored by Lyndon LaRouche, whose collaborators worked for years, including in Republican circles, for a new “E-beam” defense and economic policy, to work in association with the Soviet Union, the LaRouche concept was not recognized at all by President Ronald Reagan in his State of the Union speeches. Then, as if suddenly, Reagan on March 23, 1983, called a special televised address on national security, and announced the SDI, proposing that the United States and the Soviet Union work together to develop technology based on new physical principles to defend against ballistic missiles, stressing its economic and peace benefits for all mankind.

Today, it is dreadfully clear that the alternative to the LaRouche “Four Laws” program, is chaos, if not war. All kinds of warnings are coming out about the imminent financial blow-out. Even Goldman Sachs has issued cautions to its own customers. The Dow Jones Index drop of 400 points yesterday is an omen and sign to those who would worship the “markets.”

We are in a period of tumult, in all respects. This is the time to be really determined and take courage. The New Paradigm is moving ahead. Zepp-LaRouche urged everyone, “Be upbeat; continue to fight!” To which, Lyndon LaRouche added today, “We can do it…. So let’s do it!

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