The Russiagate Coup Attempt is Crumbling Rapidly, While the Population Wants Trump to Succeed

State of the Union 2018 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


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President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech, given Tuesday night, has received an overwhelmingly positive response. CBS News, which generally plays a leading role in the “fake news” attacks on Trump, reported a 75% support for Trump’s speech from its viewers, and even CNN admitted that 70% of their viewers were “very positive” or “somewhat positive.”

Trump did not announce any major new policies, but emphasized that the optimism in the population and in the business community, due to his commitment to rebuilding the American economy and his tax cuts, had produced 2.2 million jobs, with 200,000 in manufacturing, “finally” begun to increase wages, and encouraged pledges by the likes of Apple and Exxon to invest billions in the U.S. economy.

He took the high road, by saying nothing about the fact that the Mueller coup attempt is falling apart, and that many of the Obama intelligence team are almost certainly going to be facing charges for their official lies and criminal actions. The Democrat leadership, especially House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, were in a state of shock during the speech, scowling and grinding their teeth, refusing to applaud, even when Trump called for bipartison cooperation to deal with immigration and infrastructure. Democrat Rep. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, like a growing number of Democrats who are furious that their leadership has absolutely no policy other than being anti-Trump, denounced his fellow Democrats for “sitting sullenly.”

But “Mueller-gate” was not absent, despite not being mentioned in the speech. Trump was asked on the way out of the Congress if he would approve the release of the Nunes memo, exposing crimes by the FBI in their surveillance of Trump’s campaign team on false pretenses. He responded “Yes, 100%.” Chief of Staff John Kelly went on the radio today to announce that the memo “will be released here pretty quick, I think, and the whole world can see it.”

What also has the “Russiagate” crusaders fuming, is that Trump essentially ignored the phony McCarthyite witchhunt against Russia, saying nothing about either Russia and China other than that they are “rivals.” This followed by 24 hours Trump’s refusal to post sanctions on Russia, or anyone else, as had been demanded by the Congress six months ago, with a six- month deadline. The deadline passed on Monday, with the Administration simply stating that the sanctions were “not necessary.”

The fake-news New York Times and the neo-con Atlantic Council issued hysterical diatribes against the President, with the Times editorially accusing Trump of “sticking a thumb in Congress’s eye” by not imposing the sanctions, while the Atlantic Council’s Anders Aslund said Trump was “mocking US sanctions on Russia overall.”

Around the world, reality is showing itself with new developments, literally daily, in the ongoing New Silk Road transformation of civilization. In the last 24 hours alone: a Chinese delegation in Oslo is planning a high-speed rail line from Oslo to Stockholm; a Chinese engineering company began work on a new deep water port in Nigeria; the American Chamber of Commerce released a report showing that American businesses were optimistic about US-China relations; Mexico’s Foreign Minister told his Congress that President Pena Nieto’s greatest achievement was the elevation of Mexico-China relations; China’s Finance Minister is in Argentina discussing the G-20 meeting to be held in that country in November, but also discussing huge Argentine-Chinese infrastructure projects, including tunnels, nuclear power plants, and cooperation in space.

One potentially-important development — the Trump Administration announced that the name of Victor Cha had been removed from consideration as US Ambassador to South Korea. Cha, a leading neoconservative now at CSIS, was the Bush Administration’s representative to the Six Party Talks, where he played a leading role on behalf of Dick Cheney in preventing any progress. If President Trump is able to appoint a person with the excellent qualifications which he found to represent America in Russia and China — Ambassadors Jon Huntsman and Terry Branstad — it will go a long way to making a peaceful solution to the Korea crisis possible. While many leading figures in Washington and in the Pentagon, including some within Trump’s administration, are fanning the flames of conflict and war with Russia and China, Huntsman and Branstad speak truly for Trump’s intention for the United States to be friends and partners with Russia and with China.

With the Russiagate coup crumbling, and with Trump’s elevated position following the State of the Union speech, it is the opportune and necessary moment for him to join the New Silk Road, and to adopt Glass-Steagall and the full program contained in LaRouche’s Four Laws. A representative in the Michigan state legislature is the first official to sign the “Campaign to Win the Future”— the LaRouchePAC appeal to all candidates, at all levels and in all states, to overcome the lack of serious policies in both major parties by campaigning for LaRouche’s Four Laws and for the US to join the New Silk Road. A groundswell is required, and is possible, if we rise to the task.

Your vote matters, so does your voice.
Be a part of LaRouchePAC’s 2018 Electorate

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