The Fight To End ‘Russiagate’ Is Not A Sports Spectacle, You Have To Intervene To Defeat It

President Donald J. Trump signs H.R. 195 – Federal Register Printing Savings Act of 2017, including Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018 | January 22, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)


The United States is at a turning point in its decades-long “internal” battle against British intelligence’s use of U.S. intelligence agencies to control and blackmail Presidents. It is also at a turning point of foreign policy, which leads the world either toward an imminent thermonuclear war confrontation, or to a new paradigm of great-power cooperation in ending regional wars, building great infrastructure, conquering poverty and defeating international terrorism.

The two turning points have the same target — fighting British geopolitics. The long coup attempt against this American President, the “Russiagate” scandal in which the tide may now be turning, was brought to Washington by the head of British MI6 foreign intelligence nearly two years ago. It was spear-pointed by a British “dossier” whose misuse has now been exposed by the House Intelligence Committee. Its purpose was to blackmail the United States on the foreign policy its President would be permitted to carry out.

Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) on Jan. 25 issued instructions to America to “see Russia as a threat,” and stated that “striking a grand bargain” of cooperation with Russia — for example, against international terrorism — “would implicitly accept that the current world order is no longer functional.” The RIAA couldn’t make it more clear. The British geopolitical world order depends on U.S.-Russia confrontation; the ultimatum to President-elect Donald Trump was delivered by the heads of the intelligence agencies already in a meeting of Jan. 6, 2017 at Trump Tower: Confront and attack Russia (and China) or we will scandalize you with this British dossier, and throw you out.

This is their criminal, actually treasonous act which is now being exposed. The world is living with its consequences, however, in the growing threat of actualthermonuclear war, and we will live with that until and unless this British-U.S. intelligence conspiracy is thoroughly broken up.

Some Representatives in Congress have now called for the next step — criminal investigation and potential prosecution of the intelligence officials who acted to block and disqualify President Trump from the Presidency, solely because of his policy towards Russia. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes called the conspiracy against Trump “That’s something that happens in banana republics.”

There have not actually been any banana republics in South America for some time, only republics cooperating with China and the BRICS and successfully becoming industrial and scientific leaders. In other words, violating the British geopolitical world order. And the presidents and former presidents of thoserepublics — Brazil’s Lula and Dilma Rousseff, Argentina’s Fernandez de Kirchner, Ecuador’s Correa — have been targeted for scandal and overthrow just as Trump was to be overthrown, and by the very same teams at FBI and CIA led by Robert Mueller, James Comey, et al.

Robert Mueller 30 years ago, as Boston U.S. Attorney, led the prosecutions attempting to eliminate Lyndon LaRouche as a political leader. LaRouche in 1984 was challenging the British geopolitical world order as no one else. He had influenced Ronald Reagan to offer U.S.-Russian missile defense cooperation in the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and was moving great infrastructure projects and proposing international development banks to spread the revolutionary SDI military technologies into industry all over the world.

Many Republican leaders now are fighting the attack on President Trump, which originated in British intelligence, and simultaneously pushing the British policy of sharp confrontations with Russia and China themselves! As the head of the well-known Munich Security Conference just observed, the Congress is preventing President Trump from urgent improvements in U.S.-Russia relations.

The American people, and their constituency leaders, have to intervene to save the nation, using the 2018 Congressional elections.

We need coordinated reinstatement of Glass-Steagall bank separation across the United States and Europe, before London and Wall Street take our economies into another, worse crash.

We need international agreements to build the most crucial new infrastructure worldwide, accepting China’s leadership in its Belt and Road Initiative. America itself has huge deficits for urgent new economic infrastructure, and needs to form a national credit institution to participate; a new Rooseveltian Reconstruction Finance Corporation, or a Hamiltonian national bank.

And we could have an international agreement to develop new-technology defenses which work against thermonuclear missiles. It has recently been confirmed (“The British Sabotaged the Second Try for an SDI with Russia,” EIR Daily Alert, Jan. 23, 2018) that Russia has been ready for 25 years to resume Reagan’s SDI, with the United States, to develop real anti-missile defenses and new spin-off technologies — and that Britain has strongly opposed this.

The way to intervene is to join the LaRouche Political Action Committee’s mobilization for LaRouche’s “Four Economic Laws” going into those elections.

Your vote matters, so does your voice.
Be a part of LaRouchePAC’s 2018 Electorate

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