The World Is Moving in Two Directions — The Defining “Issue”? To Serve the Common Good


The world is moving in two directions. The New Silk Road development paradigm is gathering force. Meanwhile, the Old Paradigm of monetarism and geopolitics, though expiring, continues to pose dangerous threats. An expression of the latter, is the release yesterday of the unfortunate “Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America” from the Trump Administration. Its Wall Street provenance is evident throughout the document’s 53 pages, despite President Donald Trump’s reiteration in his cover letter that he wants to provide modern, “upgraded infrastructure,” because, “Our nation’s infrastructure is in an unacceptable state of disrepair…”

The document’s contents are dismal. Its 20-to-80 financing mechanism (Federal to state, local, and private funding, with a goal of $1.5 trillion over 10 years) is a non-starter; and the bright ideas proposed, include such losers as a list of recommended “Divestitures,” i.e., selling off of Reagan and Dulles Airports, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s transmission grid, and other high-value assets, to financial sharks, etc. It favors putting tolls and user-fees everywhere, to induce investment.

There is no reason to think this evil grab-bag will pass Congress and come into being. The danger comes in, from the fact that the elected President of the United States is not in control of domestic policy, nor foreign policy, because of the coup operation thrown against him and U.S. government institutions, conducted directly through British subversion. That is the treasonous scandal of “interference in the U.S. elections”—not Russia; and in U.S. policy to the present moment.

On the foreign relations front, leading figures in the U.S. have been manipulated to try to oppose the Belt and Road Initiative. Look at this in Ibero-America, as seen in Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s anti-China comments made on his recent Central and South American tour. His remarks have been roundly criticized by Ibero-American leaders. This week Tillerson is travelling in Southwest Asia (Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey), where already, leading figures are criticizing the U.S. role in the region, and saying outright, that they now look to China, and also Russia, because the U.S. is so misguided. China reiterated this week that it will provide reconstruction aid to Syria and Iraq.

All this points to the necessity to bust up the coup operation shackling the U.S. Presidency. Trump has repeatedly stated his intention of U.S. friendship with China and Russia—anathema to the British. On the front of countering the Russia-gate/Trump-gate slanders, there are no new, dramatic pieces of evidence yesterday, but the finger is pointing to new revelations to come soon, amounting to “Phase Three” against the British networks. In Phase One, it was exposed that FISA spying was authorized based on anti-Trump lies from “ex”-British spy Christopher Steele, paid for by Hillary Clinton Democrats. Then “Phase Two” revealed State Department complicity, by such figures as Victoria Nuland, the operative who orchestrated the 2013-2014 Nazi coup in Ukraine. Now there are rumblings that “Phase Three” will expose complicity of such diplomats as Samantha Power and Susan Rice, former intelligence directors, and of Obama himself, who acted on behalf of British geopolitics.

The big void to fill in the U.S., across the Trans-Atlantic and in a few other hold-outs clinging to the Old Paradigm, is the lack of understanding of the science of economics. The Trump infrastructure program issued yesterday, simply highlights the necessity of the wide distribution of the LaRouche Four Laws, and the principles involved. In the U.S., this is going out into the 2018 Mid-Term elections arena, as the LaRouchePAC “Campaign for the Future.”

Internationally, the new class series on “The End of Geopolitics: What Is the Global New Paradigm?” is exactly what can pivot people into action. The kick-off speaker Feb. 10, Helga Zepp-LaRouche said yesterday, that what is at “issue” in government policy, is the question of the “common good” for the future. Is the government acting to uplift the condition of the people? Look around. “Who is alleviating or who is accelerating poverty?”

Your vote matters, so does your voice.
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