America’s Future Is On The New Silk Road with China

Presidents Donald J. Trump and Xi Jinping, applaud and thank the performers at a cultural performance at the Great Hall of the People, November 9, 2017, following a State Dinner in their honor, in Beijing, China. (White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)



Sunday’s thorough indictment of the FBI by New York judge and former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro was needed, and completely accurate as far as she went. America does not need, and should not have, such a Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Since its creation under Anglophile Teddy Roosevelt in 1908, at British instigation, the role of the FBI has been to delude Americans as to who their adversaries and enemies were, not to fight crime.

Its first job was to tar and feather “Russian and Eastern European reds”; then to arrest, exile, or kill American leaders who did not believe in 1915 that the United States should go to war with Germany. Then it was East European “reds” again, and dossiers to blackmail Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy against detente with Russia; surveillance and arrests and murders to destroy the Civil Rights movement. And then the post-J.Edgar Hoover “modern era” of making serial murderers into FBI informants and protected witnesses, including protecting the Saudi accessories before-and-after-the-fact to the 9/11 attacks.

The FBI has not changed in a century, right up to Robert Mueller’s and James Comey’s roles in the neo-McCarthyite “hate Russia, hate China” campaign which targets President Trump. In this campaign as well, the FBI has been a willing instrument of British intelligence, as has now been thoroughly exposed by the infamous case of the “Steele dossier.”

But the world, and the United States, have changed, dramatically. Now there is a different nation which represents scientific progress and technological optimism in action, raising living standards and eradicating poverty at home and abroad. That nation is China, with its now nearly worldwide Belt and Road Initiative of great projects of science and infrastructure.

And the United States, still possessing the capacities to join and even exceed China in this, has instead become riddled with pessimism and xenophobia, with fear of science, with addiction to substances and suicides, with wages and life expectancy declining together. And with mass killers, suicidal pessimists raging to kill the people immediately around them.

Wall Street’s financial collapses and deindustrialization of the country have been the first cause; but the idea that the United States must be constantly preparing war with other nuclear powers, has spread the pessimism.

Now not only America but the nations of Europe face a choice, whether to join in the new paradigm of the great global infrastructure-building and poverty-eradication initiative China has started, or to confront China and Russia and threaten to provoke world war. Most Asian countries, the Eastern European nations, African countries, have already chosen the Belt and Road Initiative; Ibero-American countries are trying to join it as well, while American military leaders threaten them against it.

This is not just “get Trump” because he favors great power cooperation. Americans are being told that their survival depends on fighting Russia and stopping China’s progress.

This choice between these two paradigms is obvious if the people making it are big enough to think and act for themselves. To think, that is, as they thought when they were going to the Moon and the President had told them to ask what they could do for their country, and for the world.

Now they can join the new paradigm of human progress, but the choice has to be made.

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