An End to Geopolitics; An End to the British Empire’s Bestial Concept of Man

Barack Obama receives Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, prior to a dinner in the Queen’s honor at Winfield House in London, England, May 25, 2011. (Official White House Photo)



On Feb. 24, the Congressional Democrats issued their response to the devastating exposure that the FBI, the Department of Justice and their partners in crime have endured as a result of the Nunes memo and related reports—emphatically including EIR‘s dossier fully exposing Britain’s Mueller operation. The ten-page Democratic memo was nothing but an unabashed defense of the FBI, the DOJ, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, based on shameless lies and sophistry that would have made Thrasymachus and Callicles proud.

But remember who and what Mueller et al. are actually defending, through their campaign to topple the elected President of the United States: the dying Old Paradigm of the British Empire. That paradigm is based on geopolitical each-against-all warfare; savage economic looting of subject populations (including that of the United States); and, above all, a bestial concept of man which has been carefully cultivated and spread across the planet.

This—and not some profiled debate around gun laws—is the issue that is posed by the recent Florida student massacre, and the dozens and dozens of similar incidents that have happened across the country over recent years. As Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin stressed in a recent video interview that is getting wide circulation on the internet, the problem is that the entirety of today’s U.S. culture has wreaked havoc with our youth. “We have a culture that is desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of life, and we celebrate death through our musical lyrics, we celebrate death through video games that literally reward you with extra points for going back and finishing people off.”

Although Bevin did not point to those responsible for the crisis, nor did he pose a positive solution to it, he did call for an urgent national debate. Helga Zepp-LaRouche today stated that Bevin’s remarks are a very useful contribution to that debate, which must also include the necessary economic policies which Lyndon LaRouche has uniquely specified. She contrasted the cultural decay and paralysis regarding necessary economic policies that permeates the United States and Europe, with China’s optimistic drive for development—as reflected in their announcement yesterday of over $1.5 trillion in investment in “a slew of big projects” including infrastructure and new, high-tech industrial sectors.

If we are to in fact make 2018 the year in which geopolitics is finally buried, as Zepp-LaRouche has urged, this must also be the year in which the British Empire’s bankrupt financial system is interred, along with its bestial concept of man. As Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche stressed at the end of her Feb. 22 webcast:

“We just have to go back to the highest level of culture in each nation. Now, in the United States, this would obviously mean Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Fathers, John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Kennedy — these periods, when the United States had a positive vision about its role. I mean, John Quincy Adams, for example, had a foreign policy approach which is pretty much like what China is doing today. Benjamin Franklin was an absolute, enthusiastic student of Confucius, and he used the Confucian philosophy to develop his own system of morality! These are the kinds of discussions which would really help….

“In Germany, we are very blessed to have a very rich culture: We had many, many thinkers, from Nicolaus of Cusa, Kepler, to Leibniz. We had many composers of Classical music, from Bach to Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, many others. We had fantastic poets, like Schiller, Lessing, Heine, Mörike, and again, many others. Italy, we had the Golden Renaissance; in Spain, we had the Andalusian Renaissance. We had the Baghdad Caliphate — Baghdad used to be, in a certain period, during the Abbasid Dynasty, the most developed city in the world! Then you had the various centuries where China was the leading nation in terms of science and culture. So what we have to do, is we have to activate the best potential of each nation. Because this is about to be lost….

“We have to shed a lot of the present, populist culture. We have to get rid of this idea of `money makes money,’ we have to get rid of wasting our time with speculation, of playing video games, or — people are really losing their creative potential! But you can regain it by studying Classical music, Classical poetry, reading the philosophers, Plato, Cusa, Leibniz, in the original…. I think it would be very easy to create a new Renaissance of thinking. And I think the new world economic order, the New Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative, in the final instance, will only succeed if it goes along with a Renaissance of Classical culture….

“That is an urgent question if we don’t want to have more horror shows like the school shootings, which I think — naturally, the weapons discussion is important — but more important is really the question of how do we give people the inner strength, the sense of inner beauty so that they don’t go in this direction? You have many troubled people who could absolutely be saved if there would be a serious effort of an aesthetical education, an education of the moral beauty of their character, which is why you need the classics and not some modern versions of poetry and drama. Because only if you have the highest ideal of man, man as a beautiful soul, as a beautiful character, then the education system can inoculate people against such horror shows. And I would really wish that people would join with us in this effort.”

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