The Time Has Come To Eliminate Poverty, and Provide a Future for Our Children

President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping meet children waving Chinese and U.S. flags at welcoming ceremonies outside the Great Hall of the People, Thursday, November 9, 2017, in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. (WH Photo Shealah Craighead)



The New York Times today leads the pack of hyenas in the Western press corps decrying the Chinese decision to do away with term limits for their Presidents and Vice Presidents.

“Xi Sets China on a Collision Course With History,” screams the Times’headline, quoting none other than loser Hillary Clinton, who declared that China was on a “fool’s errand, trying to uphold a system of government that cannot survive in the modern world.”

Kesha Rogers, the candidate for Congress in Texas backed by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, responded to this hysteria against China by reminding our citizens of the words of Martin Luther King, (who, unlike Hillary, was qualified to be President), who said: “The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty.” Of course, that is precisely what China is achieving, both for their own citizens (by 2020) and for the world, through their historic Belt and Road Initiative. What nation exemplifies the “civilized world” today?

Global Times, the paper of the Chinese Communist Party, notes today that “the Western media began bad-mouthing China in their usual and various ways” after the announcement that China was ending term limits. “The biggest reason for all this,” the editorial continues, “is that the rise of China has reached a critical point where some Westerners cannot psychologically bear it any longer. They wish to see misfortune befall the country. Even if it might hurt their own interests, they are willing to see China crumble first.” Further, they note: “Over the years, the authority of the CPC Central Committee and the prosperity of our Chinese society have both risen. The authority of the Central Committee is the most outstanding part of China’s competitiveness. It is the source of the country’s efficiency and ability to mobilize people and make adjustments. It is the thing the outside world most envies about China and the target of Western anti-China rhetoric.”

Many in the West respond that, despite the great progress in China, the Chinese people are not free, do not have basic human rights, as if the right to a decent livelihood, free of poverty, free to contribute to the future of the nation and the future of mankind, is not the most fundamental of human rights.

But we must also ask, what is the state of human rights in the United States? What is being done to our children, millions of whom have been denied any hope of a productive future, who are offered instead the “freedom” to take drugs, to be “entertained” by movies and video games and popular music that teach them to de-humanize their fellow men and women through violence and pornography, who are denied any education regarding the beauty of classical western culture, let alone the beauty of classical Chinese culture, or any other of the great cultures in human history? There should be no question about why hundreds of our children are being turned into killers. Nor should there be any question that the entire economy and the entire culture must be transformed for the horror to end, and for the world to enter a new paradigm based on human progress and dignity.

President Trump awakened hope in the American people, promising to rebuild the industrial base and the collapsing infrastructure, ending the scourge of drugs, reminding people of the “American System” of Alexander Hamilton, promising to end the useless and dangerous confrontation with Russia and China. These are the issues which Lyndon LaRouche has championed for half a century, while the political leadership was transforming the nation into a post-industrial scrap heap and a permanent war machine on behalf of the British Empire.

The hope for restoring America’s greatness must be consummated now in the only way possible — not piece by piece, not small steps, but by the full restoration of the American System through LaRouche’s program, and fully embracing the New Silk Road spirit unleashed by China’s Belt and Road. A civilized society can do no less.

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