To Defeat the Culture of Death, There Has To Be A Renaissance Movement

Helga Zepp-LaRouche shortly before her appearance on an English language dialog TV show during her trip to the Belt and Road Forum in China. Spring, 2017



Helga Zepp-LaRouche today addressed the global strategic situation, and the national debate which the recent Florida school shooting has unleashed in the United States, in the following terms:

“There are two developments which are making the oligarchy unhappy. One is that Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to stay beyond 2020, to make sure that the Belt and Road transformation of the world, and the development goals for China and the world in 2020, 2035 and 2050, move forward in the best possible way. And the second one is that Donald Trump announced that he will run for President in 2020. And I’m absolutely sure that both events will make certain people extremely unhappy — which is a good thing.”

Zepp-LaRouche identified the two trajectories that the world is facing.

“One is a very optimistic one, regarding the potential of the Belt and Road Initiative to transform the world. The second one is that parts of the West are still suffering from what the Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin has called a `culture of death.’ As VIPS whistleblower Coleen Rowley stated recently, this is the result, at least in large part, of the policy of perpetual wars. Actually, you can say that both the violent video games and the mass school shootings have been indirectly or directly the result of these perpetual wars — which makes it very clear that we absolutely have to have a New Paradigm.

“On the optimistic side, the Belt and Road is moving ahead very quickly, and this is uplifting to everybody who knows about it. It’s also important that there is a very significant President-to-President diplomacy going on. The latest development is that Chinese Politburo member Liu He is coming to the U.S. for five days, for in-depth discussions with the Trump administration on economic and trade issues. This comes just two weeks after State Councillor Yang Jiechi was in the U.S. So this personal dialogue between Trump and Xi is extremely important.”

Zepp-LaRouche recalled the point made by one Chinese commentator, that the Belt and Road is an irreversible trend, and those countries that don’t want to join the bandwagon, will end up looking at the tail lights of the caboose as it leaves the station. “That is a very optimistic dynamic; and I think the fact that both Trump and Xi Jinping will stay on, is extremely good news.”

Zepp-LaRouche then addressed the aftermath of the Florida school shooting inside the U.S.

“There are definite signs of a shakeup going on. As Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin stated, this has nothing to do with guns; it has everything to do with the absolutely morbid culture of death which you see in today’s song lyrics, movies, and so forth, and that is what has to be changed. Naturally, Governor Bevin did not talk about the solution, namely to have an uplifting classical culture which would inoculate children against this. But at least it’s a beginning, and he called for a national debate on the problem.”

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche called for the LaRouche movement to play a central role in this discussion.

“The increase in suicides, the decrease in longevity, all of this is the result of a lack of a vision and the horrible paradigm change which occurred in the U.S., especially in the last 50 years after the death of JFK.

“As VIPS whistleblower Rowley said, there have been some 1,800 movies produced with the help of the Pentagon and the CIA, in which you have deranged veterans of foreign wars who have PTSD, and then go on shooting sprees. This is what Lyndon LaRouche addressed in his statement after the Littleton shooting. And after that, there were 31 fatal school shootings in the U.S. And now, after the Florida shooting, there have been 50 reported incidents [of threats] per day,” she said, referring to the Feb. 22 report of the Educators School Safety Network.

This is producing a shock effect in the population, she reported, which requires that a solution to the crisis be presented. But that discussion and that solution, she advised, “cannot be limited to one issue only. Why is the coup against Trump happening? Why is the British Empire behind it? Why is this now being targeted by the Congressional investigations? And why is Trump playing a potentially extremely important strategic role? This is all part of the same picture, and it has to be gotten across as a totality.

“We have to tell people that the only way to defeat the culture of death is to elevate the population, reconnect with the best traditions of the U.S., and move into a New Paradigm of win-win cooperation with the Chinese offer to join the Belt and Road Initiative. This naturally means implementing the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche, and that means that people have to study in depth the scientific economic method developed by LaRouche.

“We must escalate in that way, and really understand that this is a moment in history where a large part of what happens depends on the subjective factor, and an even larger part on the activity and success of our organization.

“It’s a big thing, but it can be done!” Zepp-LaRouche concluded.

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