London’s Game of War, or China’s of Progress: Which Choice For America?

Vladimir Putin and Theresa May discussed issues of mutual interest for Russia and Britain. Hangzhou, China. September 4, 2016 (



The British government’s now daily escalating confrontation with Russia is driven by the most corrupt of motives, and aimed above all at drawing the United States in — to what could be war, even “unsurvivable war.”

In the past 48 hours three new “narratives” of supposed Russian attacks on Britain have been put out by London, constantly escalating and changing the initial, unevidenced charge that Russia — then Russians on President Putin’s personal order — attempted to assassinate an MI6 double agent in England. And the British media have made a bold “military challenge to Russia” out of an exercise of UK submarines, loaded with American nuclear missiles, with U.S. nuclear subs under the Arctic Ice.

What are the motives of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who looks and acts like “Col. Blimp” of the World War I comic strip, and Theresa May, the accidental Prime Minister who has the position Johnson thought would be his? They are imperialists of a London financial and geopolitical order militarily enforced, they expect, by the United States.

They see that geopolitical order being replaced by China’s new paradigm of cooperation of great powers for the progress of all nations and the productivity of their peoples: the Belt and Road Initiative of new infrastructure projects and poverty eradication. They want China contained, the Belt and Road put under City of London rules, but cannot make that happen. They want China’s ally Russia confronted and even challenged to fight.

They face disaffected British populations and a determined and widely-backed leader in Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who fights their geopolitical policies and the financial crimes of the City of London financial imperial banking center. They want Corbyn tarred a “Kremlin stooge” by the tabloids and driven out.

They continue to see strong resistance to London geopolitical dirty tricks from President Donald Trump. After 18 months of non-stop attacks on Trump originating from British intelligence services, aimed to break him or remove him, he continues to favor great-power cooperation, and is gaining in American public backing.

And they face, very soon, a new crash of the London-Wall Street banking cabal worse than 2007-08. The British imperial answer to that threat has always been war.

Despite hysterically supportive major media, the “new Churchills” of London do not have the momentum they imagine for war confrontation. Not even in the UK — but for them, running America is always what counts most.

What is crucial now, is that President Trump and the United States choose the offer of China, the Belt and Road Initiative, and let its paradigm of productive economic progress rub off a bit.

Tax cuts, Wall Street deregulation have not and will not revive American growth from its long stagnation, or fill its huge infrastructure deficit. The actions proposed by EIR Founder Lyndon LaRouche will, starting by breaking up Wall Street with a new Glass-Steagall Act. These actions, including the first national credit institution the United States has had since Franklin Roosevelt’s RFC, are aimed at joining the United States into a global cooperation of sovereign nations for “the common aims of mankind.”

That means choosing China’s progress, over Britain’s war.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA

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