Trump to Putin — Let’s Get Together Soon

Trump and Putin greet one another on the first day of the APEC summit. November 10, 2017. De Nang, Vietnam. (



President Donald Trump has just pulled the rug out from under mad-lady Theresa May and the even madder Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. While these has-been champions of the dying British Empire are blaming Russia for acts of war, based, typically, on no evidence, Trump yesterday got on the phone with the newly re-elected President Vladimir Putin. Trump not only congratulated Putin for his electoral victory, but announced to the U.S. press that he and Putin “will probably get together in the not-too-distant future” to discuss measures to prevent an arms race, and to find peaceful solutions to the crises in Ukraine, Syria and North Korea. The Kremlin read-out of the call said that the two leaders “spoke in favor of developing practical cooperation in various areas, including efforts to ensure strategic stability and combat international terrorism, with particular emphasis on the importance of coordinated efforts to curb an arms race.” The Kremlin added: “The exchange on economic cooperation revealed an interest in bolstering it. Energy was discussed separately.”

The British will be chewing the rug this evening. Not only has Trump destroyed their ploy to blame Russia for a chemical warfare attack on British soil, but the “Russiagate” scam within the U.S., run directly by MI6 agent Christopher Steele and his assets within the U.S., has collapsed. Now, the operatives in that attempted coup against the U.S. government — including John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and several recently fired FBI operatives — are facing possible criminal charges for the most blatant act of treason in modern U.S. history, all on behalf of the British Empire.

To make matters worse for the pathetic would-be “M” and her cohort “BoJo,” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who would likely win an election against May if it were held at this time, has demanded that May present evidence (if any exists) of the nerve agent used in the Skripal attack to the Russians, insisting (like President Trump) that talking with the Russians was absolutely necessary. He also reminded the country in a BBC interview this morning of the catastrophic results of Tony Blair’s earlier faked intelligence about Iraq’s WMD.

And driving the nail in deeper, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders confirmed that the U.K. nerve agent attack was not mentioned at all in the in Trump-Putin phone call!

The new paradigm is coming into focus globally: not only did Trump congratulate Putin on winning six more years, he also said it was good that China has done away with term limits — because, he said, Xi Jinping is a great leader.

Xi Jinping yesterday spoke to the closing session of the 13th National People’s Congress, expressing confidence that the Chinese rejuvenation will continue and expand, with China contributing even more to world governance and world development through the New Silk Road. “Let the sunshine of a community with a shared future for humanity illuminate the world,” he concluded.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche said yesterday that Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi are asserting true leadership to the world, while the desperate acts of the British Empire are beginning to backfire. In the past, British imperial intrigue was backed up by weak U.S. leaders, who even took the lead in enforcing British policy, as in the Indochina War, the Iraq War, the Libya War, and in the radical free market policies which kept the former colonized nations in economic backwardness, while bringing ruin to the industrialized nations in Europe and North America.

But Trump has refused to fall prey to the “special relationship,” insisting instead that the imperial division of the world into East and West is to be no more. In defeating the coup plotters, he is also positioned to carry out his pledge to return the U.S. to the American System of physical economy, leaving the failed “free market” British model behind in favor of Hamiltonian directed credit to rebuild the American industrial infrastructure. The situation is still extremely dangerous, but never have we been so close to ending the very existence of Empire once and for all.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA

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