European and American Citizens Are Not Buying Her Satanic Majesty’s Demand for War on Russia

The Queen and the Prince of Wales leave Parliament following the Queen’s Speech, 2017. Copyright House of Lords 2017 / Photography by Roger Harris. This image is subject to parliamentary copyright.


The farce of Prime Minister Theresa May’s demand that the world bow down to the British Crown and accept the blatant lie that Russia carried out an “illegal act of force” against the U.K., while refusing to present even a hint of evidence, is not convincing many citizens of the U.S. or Europe, and practically no one outside of NATO. LaRouche movement organizers in the U.S., Germany and elsewhere are finding a dramatic shift in the response of the population since PM May launched her campaign for war with Russia. The fraudulent British accusations against Russia — which reminds practically everyone of Tony Blair’s lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and the horrific consequences of that lie — has begun to awaken a nascent hatred of the imperial attitude exuded by the British and the British toadies who occupied the U.S. Presidency for 16 years before the Trump election.

Consider the timing of the scam:

  • The MI6 campaign to bring down the President of the United States through “Russiagate” has not only collapsed, its perpetrators in the FBI, CIA, and neocons in both the Republican and Democratic parties, are themselves facing potential criminal charges for their lies, leaking, illegal use of federal powers, and more;
  • Theresa May’s government was hanging on by a thread, while Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was seen as a probable shoo-in if an election were called;
  • The British/Obama effort to overthrow the government in Syria, to turn the country over to chaos under warring terrorist groups, as in Iraq and Libya, has been severely undermined by President Trump’s open cooperation with Russia in wiping out the terrorists;
  • Several European nations have rejected the demonization of Russia, while Italy is in the process of forming a new government which will likely reject European sanctions against Russia altogether.

So the British are trying to do what they are accustomed to do by their imperial nature — invent a crisis to justify war, get the U.S. to take the lead, and browbeat their erstwhile “allies” into submission.

But the plan is not working so well. While it is true that the Trump Administration joined in the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats, it is clear to the British that Trump will not give up his intention to work with President Putin. His phone call to Putin on March 20, discussing solutions to world problems without a word about the British Skripal case, terrified the Queen and her Lords, as well as the pathetic Theresa “M” May, who all see the handwriting on the wall for the end of the Empire itself.

Nearly a dozen European countries have refused to expel any Russian diplomats, demanding to see evidence first. The British passed around a six-slide power point as “evidence,” which was nothing more than a list of their fraudulent accusations about Russian “aggression.” Like the Christopher Steele dossier, the vacuous charges may fool some for a short time, but increasingly the British credibility is shot.

Most importantly, millions of people have heard Lyndon LaRouche for the past 50 years warning that the U.S. had been played the fool by the British — fighting their colonial wars since Vietnam, and implementing their “free market” financial policies at the expense of the American System of directed credit for industrial development. While many found it hard to believe, they are suddenly looking at the despicable lies and war mongering from London, and reflecting back on who it was that was telling the truth all these years.

For once the British were forced to initiate and lead their scam in their own name — and that is their point of vulnerability. Trump’s intention to work with Putin and with Xi Jinping, ending the imperial era of regime change wars and the threat of nuclear annihilation, must be supported and fully implemented, immediately.

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