British Empire War Plans Already Backfiring

During this meeting, participants held a detailed exchange of opinions on foreign policy issues, including reciprocal measures against a number of states that expelled Russian diplomats and shut down consulates. 3/30/2018



The Russian Embassy in London sent a list of 14 questions to the British Foreign Office which, in themselves, demonstrate the total fraud of the British declaration of Russian guilt for the nerve agent attack on two Russian citizens in Salisbury. Among the questions: Why has the U.K. presented no evidence; why have they broken several international laws and protocols to prevent access to the victims; what antidotes did the U.K. have on hand for the nerve agent, and how did they obtain them; do they have a control agent of the so-called Novichok; has the U.K. developed the agent themselves?

But also included in the list of questions is the revelation, not previously known, that the French are deeply involved in the investigation. Why, the Russians ask, and on what grounds? What U.K. legislation or international protocols allow for the French to be engaged in an attack on Russian citizens on U.K. soil, and what have the French been given access to?

Similar lists of questions went to the French Foreign Ministry and to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

These are questions which can and must be taken up by all interested parties — and it can be definitively stated that every person on Earth is an interested party when the British are provoking a conflict between nuclear powers.

President Trump has continued to say nothing against Russia since the scam was launched, including in his rally in Ohio last week, while he held a long productive phone call with Putin without mentioning the phony charges against Russia. Although he did allow his administration to take the drastic measures against Russian diplomats and to close Russia’s consular facility in Seattle, the war-party spokesmen in both political parties and in the press are furious that he won’t personally join in the hysteria against Russia.

The Chinese took note of Trump’s personal silence, while Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang called on Russia and the U.S. to resolve the issue: “Russia and the U.S. are influential countries in the world, who share big responsibility for the world’s peace and security. We hope they will appropriately solve the dispute via dialogue based on equality and mutual respect.”

The absurdity of the British accusations, claiming certainty with absolutely no evidence, in a manner which pushes the world into an existential crisis, comes at a time that President Trump is emphasizing the destructive results of an earlier British scam — Tony Blair’s launching of the Iraq war based on similar lies, provoking destruction across Southwest Asia and the mass exodus from the multiple war zones, leaving millions homeless and aggravating the economic crisis in Europe with a mass refugee crisis. George W. Bush and Barack Obama swallowed the British lies gladly, willing to commit crimes against humanity to prove their allegiance to the Mother Country.

Not so President Trump, who repeatedly points to the $7 trillion wasted in these illegal and unjustified regime-change wars, killing thousands while the U.S. physical economy was rotting. He could (and should) add that speculators in London and on Wall Street were simultaneously looting additional trillions from the real economies of the western nations.

India is increasingly working directly with China and Russia on productive investment projects, both among themselves and in third countries, especially in Africa. The work is being integrated through the international New Silk Road project initiated by Xi Jinping, and long promoted by Lyndon LaRouche.

On October 10, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an address to the Seventh Annual Session of the Rhodes “Dialogue of Civilizations” Forum in Greece, defining an agreement of the “Four Powers” — Russia, the United States, China, and India — as the necessary combination required to end the global economic destruction unfolding across the West. These four great nations, he said, must “agree, as a group of countries, to initiate and force a reorganization of the world financial and credit system — under those conditions, with long-term agreements, of the same type that Franklin Roosevelt had uttered before his death, in 1944, under key nations, the intention of Roosevelt all these years later, could have been realized, and we could do that, today.”

This insight, and this program, is even more urgent today, but it is also more possible, due to the New Silk Road paradigm sweeping the world, and the potential that President Trump will carry out his intention to work with Putin and Xi Jinping to achieve this new paradigm. All patriots, and all citizens of the world, must act to this end.

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