The British Empire Can No Longer Hide Its Crimes

UK Prime Minister Theresa May visited Salisbury the location where the Skripals were found. March 16, 2018 (flickr / Number 10)




On every front of the U.K.’s panicked effort to stop President Trump’s intention to bring the U.S. into friendly relations with Russia and China, the lies can no longer be covered up. This is true in the Russiagate hoax launched by MI6 operative Christopher Steele; the Skripal hoax run by the same MI6 circle; and the Douma chemical attack hoax created by the British funded and controlled White Helmet terrorists. Across the U.S., Europe, and around the world, leading figures and governments are telling the bloody British Empire that it is wearing no clothes.

Even in the U.K. itself, the stench of the imperial lies can no longer be tolerated. Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, who has been an outspoken opponent of the war on Syria, has now gone on Fox News in the U.S., with Tucker Carlson, reporting that the chemical attack in Douma never happened, and that President Trump’s advisors “have served him extremely badly” by not informing him that the White Helmets are simply part of the terrorist operation. Back in London, the Empire’s The Times has discovered, to its horror, that the former head of the Special Air Services (SAS), Maj. Gen. John Holmes, who led the SAS during the first Gulf war, has now joined the British Syria Society, headed by Ambassador Ford, and is demanding dialogue with Assad. This past Monday, Lord West, the former First Sea Lord, Admiral and Chief of British Defense Intelligence, went on BBC to debunk the idea that Assad used chemical weapons, pointing to the absurdity of doing so upon purely military grounds, since he was winning and it served only the terrorists interests.

China’s foremost journalist, Yang Rui, yesterday stepped beyond the usually-reserved Chinese commentary on world strategic affairs to equate the claim of a chemical attack to justify the allied bombing of Syria to the Nazi stunts used to launch invasions and atrocities, emphasizing that the White Helmets are killers, and that China and Russia will stand firmly together against this and any further criminal wars. He warned that the human race must reverse the collapse into a “post-truth world.”

Across Europe, the EU is splintering in the face of British lies. The EU Foreign Ministers on Monday failed miserably in an effort to pass a resolution supporting the British-French-US attack on Syria, with eight countries refusing to support it, including Italy, Belgium, And Austria.

In the U.S., eleven Republican Congressmen forwarded a criminal complaint to the Department of Justice for “investigation of potential violation of federal statutes” by the primary assets of the British MI6 coup attempt against Trump: the disgraced former FBI chief James Comey and his equally disgraced deputy Andrew McCabe; Hillary Clinton (for disguising her financing of the infamous Steele dossier); Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and two current FBI agents Strzok and Page who plotted to peddle the British lies against Trump.

The Empire is badly bruised, but is not yet destroyed. The moment of opportunity to crush it, once and for all, is at hand — but their desperation can not be ignored. The post-World War II order established through the United Nations, to prevent another world war, is to be abolished in a new “East vs. West” military confrontation under British control. Prime Minister Theresa May last November called for a new “Global Britain,”, and, leaving nothing to the imagination, said, “the task for global Britain is clear…. To defend the rules-based international order against irresponsible states that seek to erode it…, chief among those… is, of course, Russia…. I have a very simple message for Russia: we know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

Gen. Sir Nick Carter, whom May appointed as the new Chief of the Defense Staff in March, has declared Russia to be the “arch-exponent” of “exploiting the seams between peace and war… [practicing] corrupt business practices, cyber-attacks, assassination, fake news, propaganda and indeed military intimidation.”

But the dying British Empire is indeed naked without the U.S. functioning as their “dumb giant,” as was the case with Obama and Bush in the White House, waging wars of mass destruction across the Mideast and bankrupting the Western financial system through speculation and wars. Trump can and must be persuaded to act on his best impulses — to befriend Russia, and to join fully in China’s New Silk Road. To that end, the LaRouche Political Action Committee this week will reprint an updated version of the mass circulation pamphlet “America’s Future on the New Silk Road — LaRouche’s Four Laws: The Physical Economic Principles for the Recovery of the United States.”

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche said today: “This is the most important moment in history. If the British Empire is destroyed, the human race can breath again and create a new society.”

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