The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor



Almost a quarter century after it was first published, Lyndon LaRouche’s October 1994 article, “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor,” remains today the most profound call to arms for all of humanity to at last rid itself of the scourge of the British Empire’s oligarchism, a scourge which still today threatens to destroy the entire world rather than lose its grip on the planet. LaRouche wrote that article as the introduction to a 60-page EIR Special Report of that same title, which was prepared under LaRouche’s personal supervision immediately after his release from prison in early 1994, after five years unjust incarceration at the insistence of that same British Empire. In that article, LaRouche speaks in his capacity as the leading prosecutor on humanity’s behalf against the genocidal British Empire:

“Ladies and gentlemen of the readership’s international jury, we have brought you to this court to hear charges arising from one of the most monstrous crimes committed in all known human history, a crime perpetrated on a vast scale.

“We present to you here the evidence, that for the past thirty four years, since its founding in 1961, a wicked organization, calling itself by such names as the World Wildlife Fund, has engaged in willful genocide against the nations and peoples of the Sub-Sahara regions of East, West, and South Africa. We shall prove to you, that throughout all of this period, the ‘kingpin’ of this criminal conspiracy has been Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, and as Consort to the reigning Queen of the United Kingdom….

“This evidence will show that he is personally responsible for this ongoing and attempted genocide against the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa, and, also, of other parts of this planet. The evidence shows that this Royal Consort is guilty of this crime not only in his own person, but in his capacity as the designated princely ‘kingpin’ of this horrible undertaking. There are many other culpable parties….

“The list reads, as it should, like a summary of the Nuremberg Trials’ categories of criminals under the rubric of crimes against humanity….

“It is readily and fairly calculated, that the policy-measures which the Prince and his accomplices have adopted, and are implementing currently would, if allowed, reduce the population of this planet from a current level of about 5.3 billions persons, to much less than 1 billion within about two generations, chiefly through the hyperbolically self-accelerating impact of famine and epidemic diseases of persons, animals, and plants. Under conditions produced as a byproduct of such concentrated shock to the collective immune system of all higher forms of life, it is by no means assured that any human beings would exist at the close of the coming century, if the Prince and his accomplices were not stopped, and the policies reversed, now. We might hope such a holocaust were not certain, but we dare not risk that wish; in any case, the Prince, his accomplices, and their evil policies must be stopped now….

“The evil permeating the criminality of the Prince and his accomplices is very old, as old as the dimly lit fringes of earliest known history. The ultimate enemy is not this unfortunate Prince, but rather that specific tradition of criminality fairly described as ‘oligarchism.’ That oligarchism is the specific infectious agent responsible for the moral and mental sickness shown by the accused Prince and his accomplices. In selecting a just and prudent course of action in the matter of the ongoing criminality documented here, we must rise above the prevailing decadence of most current international legal and related practice, to cure the problem, rather than, as the victors perverted the post-World War II Nuremberg Trials, seeking to hide our own earlier negligence behind some conspicuous suffering imposed upon inculpated scapegoats….

“The challenge posed by the evidence set before you, is: Can you, the jurors, be provoked by the horror of the fact that no solution for the collapse of this civilization exists under the presently generally accepted rules of conduct, into discovering the needed radical changes in axioms of policymaking, those changes which might enable humanity to rebuild a ruined society immediately from the ruins of the collapsed dynasty, without living through the intervening nightmare of yet another ‘New Dark Age’?”

Full text of LaRouche’s article is available here.

Compare this 1994 strategic evaluation by Lyndon LaRouche, with that presented on April 19, 2018 by Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, in the section headlined, “The Political Crimes of the U.K.” In that 17-page document, Zakharova presented an extensive review of British genocide around the planet over the centuries:

“Africa has also suffered its share of British abuses. Some 13 million Africans have been removed from the continent as slaves. The number of Africans who died in that period is three or four times larger than the number of those who were removed from the continent. In other words, the overall number of victims runs into tens of millions of people…. Historians believe that Britain is the world’s leader when it comes to genocide, given the millions of innocent civilians that have been killed in British colonies.”

Now compare both of those readings with the repeatedly stated British policy of destroying the Presidency of Donald Trump, of which the most brazen threat came in an article by BBC journalist Paul Wood, published in the London Spectator on Jan. 21, 2017—the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration—under the headline “Will Donald Trump Be Assassinated, Ousted in a Coup or Just Impeached?”

With all of that in clear view of your mind’s eye—and taking added strength from the knowledge that China and Russia have both acted to replace the bankrupt British Empire with a New Paradigm—we call on you, ladies and gentlemen of the readership’s international jury, to act accordingly.

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