The War Is Here! How Do We Fight It? What Are Our Weapons?

Rocket artillery of the Lions of the East Army, a Free Syrian Army unit in southern Syria. March, 28 2017. (Qasioun News Agency / Screengrab)



Where did that rocket attack on Syria come from? Go back to Allister Heath, editor of the London Sunday Telegraph . Recall his article in the Daily Telegraphof March 14, soon after the Skripal case broke, under the headline, “Forget NATO. We Need a New World Alliance To Take On Totalitarian Capitalists in Russia and China.” He concluded:

“Such an alliance would be the biggest shift in geopolitics since the creation of the UN. It would dramatically shift the global balance of power, and allow the liberal democracies finally to fight back. It would endow the world with the sorts of robust institutions that are required to contain Russia and China… Britain needs a new role in the world: building such a network would be our perfect mission.”

Recall that he was writing on virtually the same day that 68 former Obama Administration officials came out with their action committee called National Security Action, which has two purposes—securing Trump’s impeachment, and attacking Russia and China.

We have to constantly put into perspective where this is coming from. It’s actually very weak at this point. It’s not broadly accepted within the population, despite the 24-hour-a-day brainwashing from the media—which is truly remarkable. Deep splits have opened up in the so-called Trump coalition around the abandonment of the idea that we’re no longer going to do regime-change wars. And the evidence in terms of what’s been presented as the basis of these attacks, is pure British hoaxes. We have a job to educate the general population in depth, on the British having done this before, as in the Iraq War—which is a great sounding-board with the President. We have to deepen the opposition which has arisen from within Trump circles. Ours is not a legal attack on the Constitutional power to make war, but an attack on the British aim here, and on the fact that this is an attack on what Russia and China ultimately represent in terms of a new way of dealing with relationships in the world—and on the nonexistence of the evidence. Temporarily, they appear to have captured the President, although how can he know that the coup against him is British, and yet not see that the foreign end of this is equally British-controlled and equally aimed to drive him into a trap?—because the goal is just what Allister Heath spelled out, to re-establish the British Empire against Russia and China, while tossing Donald Trump into the ashcan of history.

We have to use all means to explain this to people so that they understand it, while identifying where the coalition in support of this evil is not holding together. Meanwhile, we have to use the situation to bring into reality the 2018 campaign to secure the future around LaRouche’s Four Laws, because no one in the present scene in the U.S. has a clue to what to do for the future. The two parties, as such, as parties, stand for war and the FBI. We have to go back to LaRouche’s 90th birthday statement, showing that we’re the people who can put people together for what is really needed, without reference to these outmoded parties.

The war is here in the U.S., also in France and Britain. We have to intervene into this polarized situation to strengthen people who have a sense of aspects of this. We want to get an intelligent debate on the British lies and other important aspects of this. There is a fight for the power of interpretation of what’s going on. The more we talk to people who are already knowledgeable, and get them educated, and have them articulate what needs to be said—that is extremely important.

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