It’s Still The British, Stupid!

UK Prime Minister Theresa May attended a dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by “Her Majesty” the Queen. April 9, 2018 (flickr / Number 10)


With the British May government’s outburst of dubious chemical weapons charges and demands for war and confrontation with Russia, the leaders of the nations most important to future human progress, are having to make a choice.

The British demand a new Cold War, or worse, with not only Russia, but China. The nations we have long identified as the key to mankind’s greater future if they cooperate — the United States, China, Russia, and India — have been given the new paradigm for that cooperation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a potentially global program of great projects of new infrastructure.

President Donald Trump stands under threat of being forced from office by attacks, originally set off by British Intelligence, for every move toward cooperation, or even negotiation, with President Putin’s Russia. And India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for every move to return to cooperation with China.

The British, abetted by their Saudi ally and by France, have driven every one of the disastrous and perpetual “regime-change” wars which have wrecked Southwest Asia, from Iraq to Libya to Syria and Yemen. EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche stated upon the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, that the British target was to put the United States into a confrontation with Russia; and that is now clear to all.

To make this choice — and to choose the new paradigm of progress the Belt and Road represents — the leadership of these nations really have to turn to LaRouche’s proposals. The Foreign Minister of Yemen’s government in Sanaa said Sunday, “I would like to personally salute Mrs. Helga LaRouche, Chairman of the Schiller Institute, who is making great efforts in her campaign of solidarity with us here in Sanaa and who is calling for ending the military aggression, reconstruction of Yemen and making it a pearl in the necklace of the New Silk Road and the world land-bridge.”

In the United States, LaRouche’s proposed “four economic laws to save the nation” are a break-up of Wall Street banks; formation of a national credit institution; investment of that credit in the most productive, high-technology new infrastructure; and “Project Apollo” programs to revive space exploration and fusion power development.

Turn to these actions to end a decade of stagnation which began with London’s February 2009 “G20” meeting, where a policy of indefinite central bank bailouts of London and Wall Street megabanks was embraced by Barack Obama, arm in arm with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

This Spring has made clear that the alternative policy, which threatens even nuclear war with Russia and China, comes from London. It’s the British, stupid!

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