British Geopolitics: Enemy of Trump, Enemy of America, Enemy of Peace

On the sidelines of the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. With President of the United States Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the sidelines of the 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. With President of the United States Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. November 11, 2017 (


For President Donald Trump’s presidency to survive and accomplish anything of importance for America’s future, the British attacks on his administration must be defeated.

These attacks have repeatedly aimed to force the President into confrontation with Russia “on Britain’s side,” or be driven out of office by a “Russiagate” scandal invented by British intelligence.

And British geopolitical thinking inside Trump’s administration is pushing him away from every policy to “make America great again” he promised in his campaign.

British demands for a war confrontation with Russia have created crises for the President and his intended policy of great power cooperation for peace and economic progress. Now, when that cooperation has produced a crucial advance toward peace and reconstruction on the Korean Peninsula, Trump is being pushed to attack Iran: again, Russia is the target.

Britain’s “Skripal poisoning case” and “Douma chemical attack” — which produced mass expulsions of Russian diplomats and war on Syria — now increasingly look to have been war-hoaxes like Tony Blair’s “Iraq WMD.” So now, Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu has suddenly claimed to have “100,000 secret files” he can’t reveal, about “Project Ahmad,” by which nuclear weapons are being made by Iran, which the United States must help Israel destroy. From the Israel which secretly acquired and developed scores of deliverable nuclear weapons, and still lies about them, this is outrageous. But its objective is obvious: Trump must choose war, choose British sides against Russia, abandon his policy of great power cooperation.

America’s economy is getting the same treatment.

President Trump is being pushed off his stated intentions — break up Wall Street’s “giant bubble,” build new high-technology infrastructure, expand the space program and again place “our footsteps on distant worlds” — to embrace the British alternatives. These were stated by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin on Fox TV Monday morning, while he made completely false claims about the actually meager performance of the U.S. economy. “Tax cuts,” said Mnuchin; the policy of competitive tax cuts among trans-Atlantic nations launched by Britain during Margaret Thatcher’s 1979-90 governments. “Bank deregulation,” was Mnuchin’s second shibboleth; invented by a 1987 British bank deregulation so sweeping it was called “the Big Bang,” which drove America to abandon the Glass-Steagall Act and have a financial crash.

And “Privatization,” a policy developed in the 1970s and 1980s in the UK and British colonies New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, is being used to try to ruin the American space program and Trump’s commitment to build a new economic infrastructure.

On April 27 the head of the National Space Council created by the President forswore international space cooperation, while another official said NASA should not develop any new space system if it could buy an existing private one. The U.S. Transportation Secretary, visiting Beijing, virtually ruled out cooperation with China on new infrastructure projects.

China’s global network of great infrastructure projects, the Belt and Road Initiative, makes for the greatest opportunity for great power cooperation — the United States with China, India, and Russia — which has ever existed.

If the United States persists in such stupidity, China, India, Russia, Japan will soon lead human space exploration while America looks up from the mud of economic stagnation and pervasive drug addiction.

In his 2014 “Four New Laws” proposal, Lyndon LaRouche specified “immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, [and] a return to a system of top-down, and thoroughly defined National Banking” in order to invest in productivity through high- technology infrastructure, an expanded NASA, and a crash program for fusion power.

That represents “the American System” the British geopoliticians have always sought to destroy — and which can defeat them.

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