The Stakes Behind Tuesday’s Presidential Announcement

President Donald J. Trump boards Marine One at Joint Base Andrews | May 5, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

President Donald J. Trump boards Marine One at Joint Base Andrews | May 5, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)


The British Intelligence-instigated attempt to “coup” President Donald Trump by impeachment or shadowy prosecutions, is being fought more and more forcefully. Lyndon LaRouche’s movement has contributed mightily to that fight by its “Mueller Dossier.”

The British geopoliticians’ drive to force Trump out of the Presidency has now become an all-out war confrontation with Russia and China, using staged events to try to force Trump into wars if they can’t force him out. “Breakaway allies” Israel and Saudi Arabia are warmongering against Iran, Syria, Lebanon, committing genocide against Yemen; but the real targets are Russia and China.

Remember that the purpose of the fight against the British anti-Trump coup, was a new paradigm of international cooperation of major nations, for peace and restored economic progress after the devastating London-Wall Street crash of 2007-08 and the constant wars of the Bush and Obama administrations. Trump’s intentions for such cooperation and rebuilding, and against such wars, was the reason for Americans to fight to keep him in office. It was the reason the British geopoliticians and “Old Europe” elites declared war on him.

Actually defeating the British coup against the President requires defeating the British war confrontation against Russia, and achieving that new paradigm. And Americans can’t seek peace and economic revival, while tolerating the attempt to force President Trump out — to bring in a war President whom we need not name here, and a Congress trying to pass sanctions which lead to war.

In the decade since that terrible 2008 global crash and economic collapse, China has carried the torch of economic growth, and credit for new and more productive growth, almost alone. In the Belt and Road Initiative since 2013, joined by Russia, with increasing support from Japan and cooperation by India, is the new paradigm mankind needs.

It is booming: Trade between China and the 71 nations now significantly participating in the Belt and Road, zoomed to $1.45 trillion in 2017, rising by more than 10% a year. That is more than U.S.-China trade and Western Europe-China trade combined, and almost in equal balance of imports and exports to and from China. These countries are jointly building new, high-technology infrastructure, increasing the productivity of their populations.

German industrial companies, by contrast, complained bitterly to their government this week that the latest anti-Russia sanctions were causing them huge losses, and said, “The need for a political de-escalation strategy is blatantly clear. There are enough politicians who cause conflicts or take a confrontational approach. We need people to build bridges, people who have the courage to deploy their political capital for the benefit of mutual understanding.” Rare insight for Germany.

The United States, by not embracing the new paradigm the Belt and Road represents, is facing another financial crash; and is wasting the strong relationship President Trump has with China’s President Xi Jinping, and clearly wants to have with Russia’s President Putin.

Productivity is what the American so-called “recovery” lacks; productivity and creativity in the sense of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Fourth Law” demanding a “crash program for fusion power and space.” LaRouchePAC’s pamphlet, America’s Future on the New Silk Road, is out in a third mass-circulation edition for this purpose.

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