Public Health Alert: Gina Haspel—and not for the reason you think—Is the President Promoting Someone Out to Destroy Him?


President Trump may be letting a leading figure in the coup against him take over at the CIA. That is, if David Ignatius is telling the truth about Haspel’s background in his May 7, 2018 Washington Post article. Ignatius, a dutiful scribe for the intelligence community, used the article to sell the Haspel nomination to the rabid McCarthyite Democratic Party with this argument: So what, if she was involved in torture. The greater good is that she hates Russia and will fight off any attempt by Trump to curb the agencies’ provocations against Putin, or any attempt to get to the truth about the CIA’s role in the coup against the President.

Ignatius backs up this argument with the following claims: 15 years of Haspel’s career were in Russia related operations with one CIA colleague bragging: “She has a Ph.D in the FSB, SVR, and GRU.”

From 2014 to 2017, she was the CIA’s London station chief and has a strong relationship with MI6. Ignatius bellows that “Britain remains America’s indispensable partner operating against hard targets such as Russia and China.” According to Ignatius, Haspel played a key role in snookering President Trump concerning the Skripal poisoning hoax, coordinating all the time with MI6.

As everyone literate in the coup against the President knows, MI6 operating through Christopher Steele, conducted a criminal information warfare campaign against Donald Trump employing both the FBI and the CIA in the process, a campaign which is ongoing. The aim was to destroy Donald Trump, starting with destroying his determination not to go to war with Russia but to build mutually beneficial relationships instead. The aim also was to destroy the possibility that Trump would use his personal friendship with Xi Jinping to create the basis for U.S. participation in China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative. If China, Russia, India, and the United States were to join in a Four Power agreement for developing the world, the post World War Two City of London/Wall Street financial control of the world would end. So would most of humanity’s immiseration.

Haspel’s role in London in 2014-2017 places her in the center of Barack Obama’s dangerous British incited military encirclement of both Russia and China, the path to war which Donald Trump so rudely blew up. The President should be interrogating this woman. He should ask for everything she knows about Christopher Steele, John Brennan, and joint U.S./British operations for regime change in Russia from 2014-2017. He should also seek all files and information from the CIA itself concerning Russiagate, particularly anything involving MI6. One other relevant question for the White House. What was Haspel’s role in attempting to discredit Bill Binney, the former NSA technical director who appeared at the CIA to brief Mike Pompeo at President Trump’s request. Binney has proof that the alleged Russian hack of the DNC is not what Obama’s intelligence chiefs said it was. While we’re at it—what exactly was Haspel’s role in the phony intelligence community assessment that the Russians intervened in the U.S. election to help elect Trump? The answers to these questions are central to ending the criminal coup against President Trump.

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