Countdown to the 2018 Mid-Term Elections: We Must Take Charge Now!



On November 6, 2018, Americans will go to the polls. This will be the most consequential election of our lifetimes. If the current crop of crazy “Resist” Democrats take the House, and the present equally crazy free trade, new Cold War loving faction of Republicans join them, President Trump will be impeached and the policies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and worse, will re-emerge, triumphant. The world will be back on a course for war with Russia and China—a war which the human race will not survive. The wholesale looting of our economy arising from the still unresolved 2008 financial collapse will continue as a new even larger financial bubble builds, a bubble which could implode at any moment. With everything at stake, how can you be sure that your vote can actually lead to the prosperous future for you and your family demanded by the voters of 2016? How can you be sure that you won’t see over and over again the picture we see playing out now in Washington, D.C., almost every day—a President attempting to implement a plan for peace and economic prosperity while Democrats and Republicans in Congress, wedded at the hip to a dying system, drive us to war with Russia and China and continue to promote the free trade policies and Wall Street speculation which have looted and deindustrialized the United States?

What if the citizens of our country actually take charge—assuming the role that our Constitution envisions for them? What if we educate ourselves and tie our vote to a program which can actually restore this nation’s greatness and ensure that an ever better and happier life is lived by our children? What if we tell any politician that our vote is based on their running on and implementing this program and nothing else? What if we, together, build a movement based on this pledge? Only such a movement can actually achieve the dramatic change for which citizens voted in the 2016 elections. If you think President Trump, backed by a “silent majority” and forced to compromise for pure political survival, can do this, you have not grasped the actual situation.

Building this movement is what we at LaRouche PAC, Lyndon LaRouche’s Political Action Committee, intend to do in these countdown days, together with you. We call it the Campaign to Secure the Future. Here is the pledge we say any candidate must make in order have our votes:


I will not support impeachment of President Donald Trump. In general, I will act to end the ongoing insurrection against the President and to investigate those responsible, referring them for prosecution where warranted.

If elected, I will undertake to implement these four principles for the urgent economic recovery of the United States:

(1). I will vote to re-enact Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Act. This creates a firewall between the speculative actions of Wall Street banks and the taxpayer. It prevents a bailout like that which occurred in 2008. President Trump campaigned on this, but establishment Republicans, controlled by Wall Street, oppose it, violently. President Trump has been forced to choose his battles based on the insurrection against him. He doesn’t see the visible and overwhelming popular support for Glass-Steagall necessary to overcome Wall Street’s power. There is now a new financial bubble worse than that of 2008 and it is about to blow. Re-enacting Glass-Steagall now, pre-emptively, before the collapse hits, is essential to the survival of our nation.

(2). I will vote to create direct issuance of credit by the United States for purposes of building the nation and promoting the general welfare. This is consistent with a sovereign nation-state controlling its own credit and currency, not allowing it to be controlled by private or foreign interests. This is what our Constitution specifies. Whether that credit is issued through a new National Bank like that of Alexander Hamilton, greenbacks like that employed by Abraham Lincoln, a national recovery administration and public works program like that employed by Franklin Roosevelt, the purpose is to extend large amounts of federal credit, through the banking system and backed by the United States, at low interest rates, over a long term, for great national endeavors, such as building a new and modern infrastructure platform for the nation’s economy, high-speed rail, new and modern ports and locks, large-scale flood prevention, and large-scale water management and desalination projects aimed at greening our nation’s West, and preventing the totally unnecessary disasters flowing from fires and floods. This is the American System of political economy for which the President campaigned. It pays for itself because the economy develops as a result of these national capital investments.

(3). I will only vote for those measures which ensure that our nation’s greatest asset, the inherent productive power of its labor force, is fostered and protected and which ensure increases in national economic productivity. That means that the economy must grow in such a way that those working within it receive the high wages necessary to ensure their quality of life; that they receive an education designed to foster the fullest intellectual and creative development of every individual; that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are preserved for our senior citizens and those who are disabled. The metric I will use in any vote is, does this measure increase the productivity of our economy and our labor force, our family farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and productive workers, or does it benefit, instead, the post-industrial service economy led by Wall Street bankers, insurers, and others who profit from free trade and cheap labor?

(4). I will vote for a crash program to develop fusion power. Fusion is the energy source which can power our economy to the next higher stage of human development. Based on the nuclear reaction that occurs on the Sun, it is entirely safe. The directed high energy available from fusion, an energy greater by orders of magnitude than anything we currently possess, can create an entire set of natural resources and modern industries, and can power space travel to distant galaxies, allowing us to fully explore and transform the laws of the universe for the benefit of mankind.

I will work with Russia and China and other nations on areas of mutual interest, particularly conquering terrorism, joint ventures to develop infrastructure for the world’s developing economies, and exploring space.President Trump has attempted this program for peace. He has been blocked at every turn by the City of London and Wall Street and politicians who profit from perpetual war and the cheap labor regimes of globalization and free trade.

Will you join us in building this movement? Will you circulate this pledge to your friends and neighbors, to the mayors, city councilman, trade union leaders, chambers of commerce, business and community leaders who deliver votes for candidates in your area? Will you help us create a non-negotiable demand to the candidates in your area to sign this pledge or face defeat on November 6th? Join us.


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