Why the British Hate Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump and the President of the Republic of Kenya are joined by First Lady Melania Trump and Mrs. Kenyatta in the Oval Office | August 27, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

President Donald J. Trump and the President of the Republic of Kenya are joined by First Lady Melania Trump and Mrs. Kenyatta in the Oval Office | August 27, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)



With only two months before the crucial midterm Congressional elections in the U.S., President Trump is spending about half his time holding rallies around the country, backing candidates who support his program, while denouncing the Democratic Party’s effort to make the election into a referendum for Trump’s impeachment. Candidates whom Trump has endorsed in the Republican primaries have won, even when they were behind in the polls to their Republican opponents before the endorsement, but the outcome of the November elections is unclear.

It can not be overstated how crucial it is for the future of the human race that the Democratic Party effort (backed by a number of neo-con Republicans and almost all the fake-news press) be crushed. The impeachment drive was born in the U.K., by leading elements of British intelligence — former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, former MI6 Chief Richard Dearlove, and former GCHQ Chief Robert Hannigan (who resigned only last year).

Hannigan’s meetings with the unstable CIA chief John Brennan launched the frantic effort to prevent Trump from getting the nomination, while Steele prepared the fake dossier to launch the Russiagate hoax, working directly with the Comey-McCabe-Strzok-Ohr-Mueller traitors in the DOJ and FBI, to carry out a coup against the elected government of the United States — the culmination of a nearly 250-year British campaign to take back their colony.

Consider why the British imperial set hates Trump:

  • Trump wants to break the imperial divide between East and West, which is at the core of the Empire’s divide and conquer method to assert the power of the Empire. His establishment of legitimate friendships with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin is casus bellito the Empire;
  • Trump rejects “free trade,” the core concept of the City of London’s historic control over the world economy, and its campaign to destroy the Hamiltonian “American System” of government-directed credit for productive investment. Trump’s rejection of the TPP, TTIP, NAFTA, KORUS, and especially his successful negotiation of a fair trade deal with Mexico last month, is an equally serious casus belli for the Empire;
  • Trump rejects the “Global Warming” hoax, a primary tool of the Empire going back most recently to the racist eugenics movement (run by the British and the Nazis) before the Nazi holocaust, then transformed into “environmentalist” lies, to convince the world that there are “Limits to Growth,” especially for what the Empire considers the “lesser races,” that population must be reduced by any means necessary, and industrial progress reversed to stop “spoiling the Earth.” Trump’s rejection of the “Paris Accord” and appointment of pro-growth cabinet ministers, while demanding re-industrialization of the nation and expansion of energy production, including nuclear power, cannot be tolerated by the Empire;
  • Trump opposes “Dope, Inc.,” the biggest business in the world, run out of the City of London, which has taken over the major banks in the U.S., launching the criminal “legalization of drugs” movement through George Soros and Barack Obama. Whatever else is wrong with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he strongly backs Trump’s anti-drug campaign;
  • Trump rejects “regime change,” launched through the British creation of the “Responsibility to Protect,” a euphemism for the destruction of the UN Charter guarantee of sovereignty, and for neo-colonial wars in the developing sector. Trump’s collaboration with Russia to crush the terrorist movement in Syria (funded and armed by the British and the Bush and Obama Administrations), and his intention to get U.S. military forces out of Syria and Afghanistan, is yet another casus belli for the British Empire.

Each of these concepts have been core issues of the LaRouche movement over the past half-century. Fighting essentially alone for most of this time, but depending on the fundamental truth that history is driven by the power of great ideas which are coherent with the laws of the universe, this movement is now poised to bring about a new paradigm for mankind. The framework for this new paradigm exists in the spirit of the New Silk Road — another concept introduced and fought for by LaRouche and his movement — which is now bringing the nations of Asia, Africa, Ibero-America, and even several European nations together under the Chinese-initiated Belt and Road Initiative.

The U.S. economy — the real economy — has begun to move forward again for the first time in decades. The financial system could explode, especially if this progress is derailed, which can only be prevented by adopting LaRouche’s Four Laws for restoring the American System. This requires bringing Russia, China, India and the United States together for a new Bretton Woods symposium, to replace the dying, but dangerous, British Empire system. If Trump is removed from office, the U.S. will almost certainly return to its status of a “dumb giant” servant to the British Crown, which we witnessed so blatantly under Bush and Obama. The moment is pregnant with the potential for a new, positive future for mankind, if the patriots of our nation, and the citizens of the world, rise to the task.

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