The World Is Turning Towards the New Silk Road

A view of the Worldlandbridge in 2014. (EIRNS, 2014)

A view of the Worldlandbridge in 2014. (EIRNS, 2014)


Across Europe, Africa, Ibero America and Asia, nations are breaking from the straitjacket of the British Imperial order under the IMF and the European Union, in favor of collaboration with China and Russia in the spirit of the New Silk Road. The “post-war liberal order,” as the British and their American assets like to call it, which, they claim, must be preserved at all costs, is no longer able to restrain the human optimism which is gripping nations, moving them to declare their freedom from forced poverty — both economic poverty and poverty of spirit.

El Salvador, a nation entrapped in poverty and the violence of the drug lords feeding the American drug epidemic, has just joyously announced that it has broken diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established relations with Beijing. President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, in announcing the change, captured the spirit of the New Silk Road, saying the change was aimed at realizing his promise to create the conditions necessary to provide a decent life for all the people, to “bring benefits to the country and offer extraordinary opportunities on the personal level to each of you.” On the same day, Sanchez Ceren met with the Presidents of neighboring Honduras and Guatemala on a separate integration project. Both of those nations still maintain relations with Taiwan, not with China, but they cannot but see the potential transformation taking place Central and South America through the New Silk Road. In December, Xi Jinping will be visiting Panama, which established relations with Beijing in June 2017. On the agenda of all such meetings is now basic infrastructure, the building block of free, modern nations, which has been denied them under the IMF conditionalities.

It is expected that every African head of state, or nearly so, will be attending the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing on Sept. 3-4. As reported in depth in the Schiller Institute report The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, Vol. 2, China’s Belt and Road has already transformed Africa, with great projects such as the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway and Kenya’s Mombasa-Nairobi railway, with much more in the works.

And now, in Europe, the new government in Italy has created a “Task Force China,” dedicated to making Italy “stand as privileged partner and leader in Europe in strategic projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative and Made in China 2025.” Two government delegations are going to China from Aug. 27-Sept. 2, to consolidate this new relationship. The government is telling the EU clearly that they must allow Italy to break from the 3% limit on deficit spending, that the disastrous collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa demonstrates that EU restraints are killing people, and must be changed. The EU is no longer the only game in town.

The momentum cannot be stopped, other than through war or an uncontrolled disintegration of the Western financial system. A primary driver of war is that bubble in the trans-Atlantic financial system, swamped with $1.5 quadrillion in derivatives, mostly worthless gambling debts. The West has a choice: Do nothing while the old order explodes in financial chaos and war, or follow the lead of the Schiller Institute initiative calling on Presidents Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet, immediately, to initiate a New Bretton Woods system, to replace the dying Western monetary system with a new, fixed exchange rate creditary system, to facilitate the New Silk Road process reaching into every corner of the globe. Sign and circulate our petition.

President Trump has made clear that he intends to be friends with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, even while hysteria reigns against China and Russia in the Congress and in the degenerate and hateful U.S. and European press, and even within his own administration. Obama’s degenerate CIA chief John Brennan, who coordinated (and still coordinates) the British intelligence campaign to bring down President Trump, has gone too far in accusing Trump of treason for establishing a personal, friendly relationship with Putin. The entire Brennan/Mueller operation now stands exposed, and can and must be brought down, allowing the President to move forward with his intention to end the world divide, to end the threat of thermonuclear war. There are no partial solutions. The new paradigm is both feasible and necessary, and every citizen has the weight of the future on his or her shoulders.

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