LaRouche and the Battle for the American Presidency



In her remarks to the Sept. 22 weekly Manhattan Project meeting, Barbara Boyd referred to the implications of President Trump’s announcement that he intends to declassify the crucial documents related to the ongoing attempted coup d’etat against his Presidency:

“If this stuff comes out and is understood in all its implications by the American people, the coup is over. The people will fully understand that a foreign power, the British, acting in a conspiracy with a sitting President, Barack Obama, fabricated evidence against the President’s political rival, a candidate for President of the United States: Donald Trump….

When these documents come out, people will go to jail. The entirety of the corporate news media will go belly up. The professional class will have to just `shut up’ and re-educate themselves about our Constitutional and fundamental human values.

“And, I might add, Lyndon LaRouche will be exonerated. That is, if, and only if, this organization tells the story. Because we are really the only ones who can get this right, based on the vast library of knowledge Lyn has bequeathed to us to get this exactly right.

“Like Trump, the British demanded LaRouche’s head. Like Trump, they proceeded under a `counterintelligence’ secret rubric to surveil and fabricate evidence. In LaRouche’s case, it was not under FISA, but under Executive Order 12333. Like Trump, they proceeded with a blunderbuss and illegal prosecution in which extant legal rules and precedents were completely abandoned; and associates of LaRouche stared at jail sentences lasting decades if they stuck with him and refused to become a Judas. The President has it somewhat right when he describes himself as a `stable genius.’ That is, an agent of fundamental change. That is the type of person the British and their imperial predecessors target for absolute destruction.

“LaRouche, of course, is a much better and more able stable genius because he acted to constantly expand his field of knowledge; he was driven to make breakthrough after breakthrough in knowledge of the human mind and the physical universe; he acted on the principle of constant and progressive change; the enemy of any fixed social arrangement such as the present British Empire.”

Key among those breakthroughs, stands LaRouche’s critical policy for a New Bretton Woods—the bankruptcy reorganization of the trans-Atlantic financial system, and its replacement with a new credit system designed to foster science-driven fundamental economic advance—and to bring this into being in concert with other like-minded nations, led by such great powers as China, Russia and India. Its urgency is great: the world financial system now teeters at the brink of a new blowout, far more devastating than that of 2008.

That is the central policy issue on the agenda for the U.S. mid-term elections.

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