“Climate Accord” Exposed As Macron Raises Truncheon To Enforce It: A New Paradigm of Human Progress Confronts It

A standoff at the Arc de Triomphe led some to draw parallels between the Yellow Vest protests and France’s revolutionary past. [Ruptly / Screengrab]

A standoff at the Arc de Triomphe led some to draw parallels between the Yellow Vest protests and France’s revolutionary past. [Ruptly / Screengrab]


A growing resistance, being provoked by attempts to impose the “Paris Climate Accord’s” grim regime of taxes, fees, and shutdowns, is opening the door wider for a new paradigm of progress directly opposed to that regime.

This will depend on bold cooperative action by those nations most capable of it — especially the United States, China, Russia, and India — to use the frontiers of technology, including nuclear power and thermonuclear fusion technologies, to give humanity new powers for progress. The World Land-Bridge infrastructure reports of the Schiller Institute have been prepared for 30 years to guide that new Bretton Woods international development bank, which the leaders of these nations can be organized to create.

Exactly as the “COP24” Climate Conference in Poland is being lavishly praised in much of the world’s media, its attempted global “eco-dictatorship” is being exposed as a mix of insanity and austerity. IMF, United Nations, NGO officials in Katowice are demanding a global monopoly of wind and solar by 2035, the conversion of mining and power-production areas into nature parks, the complete elimination of motor vehicles that burn fuels. Having proliferated pollution by trying to shut down all nuclear power, they now claim to attack the pollution by stamping out industry and human households themselves, calling for a worldwide “two-child limit” for families and other anti-population acts. Demonstrations of climate revellers embrace this human retrogression like Medieval flagellants.

That’s the insanity. The governments trying to enforce it, epitomized by Emanuel Macron’s in France, lay on the austerity in the form of rafts of “climate taxes” and industry shutdowns.

Thus the resistance to this eco-dictatorship erupting in France, spreading to Belgium, appearing in different form in Germany and Italy, and having brought Macron to the verge of martial law.

What is really happening here, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche said yesterday, is the economic and cultural breakdown of an order. It began nearly 50 years ago when Richard Nixon was forced into severing the dollar from gold and all others from the dollar, triggering the new, global monetary order of the “floating exchange-rate” system. That meant London had succeeded in destroying Franklin Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods system. Lyndon LaRouche quickly forecast then, in August 1971, that the floating-exchange rate system would bring on a new order of international wage cutting, deindustrialization, even imposed by fascism again.

That order is now breaking down, in an attempt at eco-dictatorship but also in the threatened second trans-Atlantic financial collapse within a decade.

It is time for at least those four powers — which are space-faring nations, leaders in nuclear fission and fusion development, with great industrial and infrastructure capacities — to start a new Bretton Woods credit system. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, made falsely controversial, is actually the leading step to the World Land-Bridge great projects that system will build.

And President Trump, in his messages yesterday, has shown himself optimistically looking for such collaboration in the aftermath of the Buenos Aires G-20 conference.

Citizens are called on to take a hand in this, and elevate “resistance” to taking responsibility for humanity.

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